Letalvis Cobbins: Yeah Though I Walk Through The Valley of Death, I Fear No Evil; Judge Denies Motion Against Lethal Injection

Knoxville Black Foot Soldier Thomas Searcey issued a scathing condemnation of Judge Richard Baumgartner’s denial of a motion by Letalvis Cobbins’ defense attorney, Kim Parton, to declare lethal injection unconstitutional ahead of his trial for the alleged murder of a young Knox County couple.

“We have already learned that Channon viciously slew the man she was in company with, Timothy Newsom.

“We already know that whites who were possibly responsible for Channon’s slaying weren’t arrested and allowed to leave the state,” speaking of prosecution witness Daphne Sutton, Searcey challenged. “Today, on the heel’s of the decision by this creature who calls himself a judge, we must also know that God loves Letalvis and abhored Channon Christian.”

gbr-knx-4f-pr3s4n-n4-f21r1“The Devil not only wants to kill Letalvis, but seeks to cast him under a negative pall. But, today, we must be quick enough to recognize that, in this situation, as well as many others, Letalvis and our people are the children of God and that Channon, and their people, are the children of The Devil.


Black On White Crime:Morally or Politically Correct? Or Both?



“But let us say that our brother Letalvis was in someway responsible for the deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

“According to the God these white people’s forefathers served, who proclaimed: do unto others as ye would have them do unto you, if Letalvis was in anyway responsible, it wouldn’t even tap the surface of what white people deserve done to them according to their own religion.”

The case, which made national headlines, is, by white nationalists, often referred to as an underreported hate crime.

Concerning the incident’s coverage, however, UPJ publisher Slaughter Lightfoot says their claims are a lies.

“Whites most commonly assert that Channon and Christopher were both raped and murdered after being kidnapped. From the evidence, however, we believe their deaths resulted from a weekend of partying where they may have been purchasing drugs and participating in a new and particularly violent form sadomasochistic black on white sex that white thrill seekers purchase from black male prostitutes. White thrill seekers believe being robbed, raped and killed by thuggish black males gives them, what they call, the ultimate orgasm.”

“Even before we (ever) believe what The Devil says about our brothers and sisters, even if they are guilty, let us always remember what they did to us first. According to the God they serve, had they wanted good things done to them today, they would have done good things to others in their past,” from a church which one of those being held family’s members attends, Searcey condemned.

“Let us always remember that white people don’t have God on their side and always know we do. “


Only White Can Be Racists For Dummies



  • Brainwashed blacks do be believing what crackers have to say about us instead of what we know is just and righteous. A lot of blacks don’t know how to not think like whites, so that’s a problem too.

  • Chris and Channon were kidnapped and driven to 2316 Chipman Street where they were forced into the home at gunpoint. While Channon was forced to watch, her boyfriend was raped prison style and then his penis was cut off. He was later driven to nearby railroad tracks where he was shot and set afire. But Channon’s hell was just beginning. She was beaten; gang raped repeatedly in many ways, had one of her breasts cut off and bleach poured down her throat to destroy DNA evidence-all while she was still alive. To add to Channon’s degradation the suspects took turns urinating on her. They too set her body afire, apparently inside the residence, but for some reason left her body there-in five separate trash bags…

  • Burn.

  • You are stupid. What’s clear is that Channon & Christopher picked Letalvis and Lemaricus up to buy drugs from niggas they knew and must have wanted to experiment with the black thug sex stuff. Chris must have wanted to be raped prison style and purchased it. Most brothers say he looked gay anyway and didn’t even want a penis. Then it was Channon that had shot Chris. So that takes away from everything you saying. So how do you explain that Channon and Chris didn’t fight to get away and rather die than submit?

    Pretend all you want. It’s beating in the hearts of a lot of these white blonds.

  • Behold the primitive, almost ape-like features of “sexy”Letalvis Cobbins.

    Without the forced integration act (1964)- forced on the white community by the democratic party- both Channon & Christopher would still be alive today.

    Every white male and female in America should learn a lesson here: NEVER trust a black skin.

    Oh, BTW, observe the “white mans” clothes primitive, ape-looking Letalvis Cobbins is wearing.

  • Thorn,
    What’s up? Good to hear from you. One of the things many brothers (in both GBR communities and the Black Foot Soldier Network) point out is that Channon & Christopher had gone over to a risky area in the “black” side of town at troubling hour. So, I don’t believe integration is the thing here.


  • The State’s case against Letalvis is mostly about the size of our pieces. I’m not sayin all white people want to be raped by blacks. Some whites have managed to find the higher state. Most of them was raised in homes where their families used derogatory words in description of us. A lot of whites think I mean words like nigger. But I’m talking about the very use of the word *black*. Okay! That’s the term most whites are introduced to us by. Their sickness grows from there. A lot of them get exposed to black pornography from their parents. They won’t talk about it in public. But I’ve been in houses where their parents will invite brothers over and put on black on white porno with their little children in the room. So it is a serious problem. When white women and men want us from that sickness and we have big pieces, it seems like they want it to be the last thing in life.

    I think Newsom wasn’t a wild white boy but probably asked “some brothers” to introduce him to everything in life they’d been through.

  • That white girl already testified Chan shot Chris. White people don’t want to accept that but it is already out.

  • all niggers must hang

  • Yup Yup and the world is flat. And there is a tooth fairy

  • all ni**ers must hang

    I hear they are hung….does that count?

  • white hush crimes… damn sho is a tooth fairy!


  • Anonymous,


    I went looking for a Youtube video on this: stick & stones can break your bones but words can never hurt…. .

    To my surprise I found the opposite. It seems most people think words can hurt.

    Even here, (http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/136772) to my surprise, a cluster of people, like yourself, who apparently think words hurt.

    Anyway, if nothing more, thanks for stopping by.


  • you will never defeat racism with acting dumb. repect other and recieve the same

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