"When They Get Black Males Alone, the Little Pigs Pretend to be Scared. But They Are Not." Chelsea Ann Brooks & the Elgin Ray Robinson Frame

“When They Get Black Males Alone, the Little Pigs Pretend to be Scared. But They Are Not.” Chelsea Ann Brooks & the Elgin Ray Robinson Frame

“There is an epidemic of underage white devil temptresses sweeping the nation,” says GBR Street Investigator Streets Cousins. “I’ve conducted these investigations for three years, now. The occurrence has reached an all time high.

“More & more white girls all across this nation think it’s cool to be what they call: Channon Christianed.”

“As these beasts sexually mature earlier than anybody else, their evil minds become obsessed with perverse sexuality and they use their bodies to get what their minds want: black males. They will do anything for us.

The blond and freckle face red hair Midwest devils are the most wicked of them all as they are the most deceptive looking but they are all pretty much all Daughters of The Devil.”

Cousins says it’s not unusual to hear reports about these whyte girls in sex acts on school property such as: classrooms, stairwells or even on rooftops.


Every Nigga Know What It Is When A Sexy White Girl Say: I Want to be Channon Christian; Eve Carson, Lawrence Lovette and Demario Atwater“I WANNA BE CHANNON CHRISTIANED,” she said.

“These are not Hush Crimes. Again, this infestation of white she-devils is sweeping Midwest and, by now, even rooting in other areas of the country.

“They like to be called beasts and will submit to anything. They often travel in pacts. When they get our brothers alone, the little pigs pretend to be scared. Then, their inner sexual demons start coming out. He says they like to do whatever they are told and often refer to stories they’ve heard about Channon Christian or the Wichita Massacre.

“These whyte she-devils got no souls, no morals, no self-esteem and most of the time on depression medication.

They steal large amounts of money from their parents and present it to our brothers and tell them it’s okay for them to treat them any way. The most often stories are about how they want to be punished and want their ’skinny bodies used up’.

It appears that the more these beasts get abused the more they beg to come back for more of the same. They are fierce and the skinniest ones say they want to be stretched the most.

“These whyte demons are starting younger and younger these days it seems. They mature early, present themselves of age, get twisted early and seem to like pretending to be ‘victimized’.

“Their parents feed them lots of grains, red meat & wheat so that their bodies mature so and they can be deceitful in their appearance.

There is a story about how one of these got pregnant and had a she-devil daughter. Now, everywhere it go, it take its daughter with her and lets it get with the young thugs.

“If we can all understand that whyte she-devils are basically evil, and only here to ruin our communities, lie, tempt and tease us and understand that they only power is they sexuality we can begin getting inside they heads of the ones we want to get at they bodies. gbr-b4w-nc17 I believe this is why these evil creatures are hear on this earth and I believe they deserve whatever happen to them no matter what that is.

“This is a tragic epidemic our people face. These white (sometimes) children are being taught by their parents and through subliminal messages in society that they should desire sexual beastings by black males and sometimes (even) death. As there appears to be no end to them, I encourage all brothers to take heed to the National Warnings about the reprobate behavior of white people.

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