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“How Much Ultraviolet Light Does It Take To Exterminate The Devil?” He inadvertently asked. (plus: The Sparky Edmonston Melanoma Execution)

Exclusive images from inside Yakub Muslim Atlanta community Exiled Yakub Muslim cleric Yakub Shaitan, known to many as Yakub 666 (Y666) , has reportedly received a second condemnation by the Yakub Muslim Nation, Saturday, for inadvertently posing forbidden questions and … Continue reading

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Speaking from Texas, leaders from the Black Foot Soldiers and the God Damn America movement issued the first in a series of forecoming declarations, today, against ‘white America’. The leaders who reassembled in Houston, Texas, today, on the heels of … Continue reading

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Exclusive: “Every Brother Know What It Mean When a Sexy White Girl Say She Wanna Be “Channon Christianed;” Eve Carson & Privileged White Freaky?

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"When They Get Black Males Alone, the Little Pigs Pretend to be Scared. But They Are Not." Chelsea Ann Brooks & the Elgin Ray Robinson Frame

“There is an epidemic of underage white devil temptresses sweeping the nation,” says GBR Street Investigator Streets Cousins. “I’ve conducted these investigations for three years, now. The occurrence has reached an all time high. “More & more white girls all … Continue reading

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Knoxville Blacks (Re)Kill, (Re)Rape & (Re)Sodomize Effigies of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom In Protest of Illegal Eric Boyd Conviction

Knoxville Ghetto Bragging Rights gathered, this weekend, to (re)kill Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in effigy. The event, which took place at a location community members have asked not be named, is said to be the result of unfair sentencing … Continue reading

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Ghost of “Racist Cop” Timothy Abernethy Damned in Luxor?

While those who say they’ve seen the belligerent spirit refuse to come forward, one thing appears to be for certain: since the death of an officer who was killed after an alleged illegal, racial profiling incident, strange happenings are occurring … Continue reading

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“Racist” Cop Timothy Abernethy’s Last Stand: Another One Bites the Dust II; Don’t Mess With Mabry Joseph Landor

UPDATE: ABERNETHY GHOST DAMNED IN LUXOR APARTMENTS? UPDATE: FUNERAL CONDEMNED: ABERNETHY A STINKING CORPSE UPDATE: “URINE BOMBED:” ABERNETHY SHRINE DEFACED Outspoken Texas Black Foot Soldier Masontae Limbrick issued a statement, this morning, condemning the arrest of Mabry Joseph Landor and … Continue reading

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