Pig Irony: Stole Iraqi Oil, Automobile Industry Goes Bust: Bush Bail-out Conflict of Interest, Oil Dependent


(Random Bush/oil profit info) Bush’s dad has strong connections to the Carlyle Group, a massive private equity investment firm whose Chairman Emeritus is Frank Carlucci, a former college roommate of Donald Rumsfeld’s and former Defense Secretary under Ronald Reagan. Imagine the pull Carlucci has with today’s White House…

But Carlucci has another secret weapon – Bush Sr. Amid conflict-of-interest allegations, the elder Bush resigned from the Carlyle Group in 2003, but reportedly remains on retainer, opening doors to lucrative profits in the Middle East and elsewhere. Bush Sr.’s specialty is Saudi Arabia; in fact, he was at a Carlyle investment conference with Osama bin Laden’s estranged brother, Shafiq bin Laden, when the 9/11 attacks took place.

Carlyle specializes in military and security investments, and with Bush Jr. in office, the company’s profits have soared; it received $677 million in contracts in 2002, then a whopping $2.1 billion in 2003. Carlyle’s investors currently enjoy an equity capital pool of over 44 billion dollars.


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One Response to Pig Irony: Stole Iraqi Oil, Automobile Industry Goes Bust: Bush Bail-out Conflict of Interest, Oil Dependent

  1. pitythafool says:

    Excellent post. More Americans should be aware of this fact, that the Carlyle Group was not only Bush’s Baby, but Bin Laden’s as well. Bin Laden had to pull out when too much attention was brought forth that he, and Bush were both connected to this company. It’s just as bad as Joe Biden meeting with supposed 9/11 “terrorists” a few days of 9/11. (and after they wired him $) When asked by a Truther why he let him go, his only response was “It’s called diplomatic passports…..” Check it for yourself. A great film is “Truth Rising”. It’s amazing how much comes out 7 years after the fact.


    Sarah H.

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