GhettoBraggingRights Closing Doors Permanently January 20th?

upj-gbr-clsng“The GhettoBraggingRights (GBR) will close,” – publisher Kirkland Perkins.

GBR legend, Savannah, Georgia's Michael "Slave Avenger" Thorpe

Since November the 5th, we’ve received hundreds of emails from GhettoBraggingRights community members and enthusiasts asking us if the rumors, that the GBR is closing, are true.

We traced the rumor to the September 15 visit Perkins made to Savannah for a Troy Davis rally and Obama fund raiser reportedly held at Savannah State College.

We will not continue publishing under an Obama presidency,” Perkins is reported as saying to fellow Obama supporters at a dinner party.


"The GhettoBraggingRights does now advocate black-on-white crime or violence," GBR publisher Kirkland Perkins

The Birth of The Ghetto Bragging Rights For Dummies

Born in the George Bush Jr / Gary Graham era, the Ghetto Bragging Rights began as a grassroots operation to provide support, aid and counseling to inner city black families whose children were being illegally prosecuted & convicted and misrepresented in the media.


“It is important to note that the comment was made prior to Obama’s victory and the date given for the projected closing jives with the 2009 presidential inauguration,” says author and journalist Waldorf Caruthers.

Caruthers, a frequent GBR contributor and critic says the community’s popularity has never been greater.

“I became involved with the GhettoBraggingRights during my employment as a journalist Svengalimedia,” Caruthers says. “While I believe the comments were off-the-cuff and made in jest, I don’t know.”

upj-gbr-j43nSvengalimedia stopped publishing in the states and under the Svengali- media brand in October 2007.

Reportedly owned by recluse media vampire Jeuger Niglery, who resigned his media empire to his sons to launch a skin care products line, Svengalimedia was an avant garde, black New Age publication used to introduce black new science and a new black school of thought – that has been involving in historical black secret societies – to the larger African American public.

“Svengalimedia was our host,” said GBR editor Julius Perkins in a January 2007 interview. “They introduced us the the World Wide Web. Until then, while we were active in numerous communities across America, we weren’t on the Web. I wasn’t convinced of the WWW’s power until I witnessed the affect post Svengalimedia. The Web launched GhettoBraggingRights communities all across America. I become involved with GBR online until late 2007. “

While the GBR is in our publishing network and, while we’ve attempted to have the rumor confirmed or refuted from a reliable GBR source, editor Julius Perkins has only said that it is not a topic he is willing to speak on. Furthermore, while publisher Kirkland Perkins has admitted to making the comment, he hasn’t and, apparently, won’t diffuse it.

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3 Responses to GhettoBraggingRights Closing Doors Permanently January 20th?

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  2. eatshitndie says:

    Juliua, Kirkland, all the people that supposedly contribute this so called journalism are the and the same dumbass wannabe. This shit is no more journalism than it is s grass roots- bowel movement group. You are getting more desperate. You will never STFU because a no body lie you thrives on such pathetic shit- skin vochers, reparations my ass.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Even the dumb ass (white) blogger who asserted that theory backed off it. Thanks for the update, though. I’ll pass it along.

      Slaughter Lightfoot,

      (Let me know if that link doesn’t work. It’s to a cached page. If it does, it might help you out. If not, I’ll get permissions to republish it.)

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