Joe The Plumber & Poor White Trash Excusism

“Idon’t have to have an education, I’m white. “I don’t have to think, I’m white.” “I don’t have to assert myself,”I’m white.”

Whites have had every advantage, even and particularly the institution of slavery, so their culture can be placed into higher socieo-economic classes than blacks. The failure of the millions of white people and families to accomplish this is their own.

McCain-Palin: Only in a World this Shitty Could They Call Themselves Mavericks & Keep a Straight Face

Impoverished white people and families, who have failed to ’succeed’ or become anything more than ‘working class’ citizens in America, are the result of their own laziness, absence of true ingenious creativity, or over-reliance on their ‘preferred white’ skin color. Black poverty is the direct result of being held back.

The difference should be obvious enough for even the dullest and most unintuitive minds to see without explanation and without having to be placed into historical context. Reminders still seems necessary for some, however.

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