Jesus Smokes Kool, Newport or Salem – Not Marlboro


We are brought here to be judges, slayers & thieves of the unholy. While we start with the lowly and only black, God graduates us to avenge them for their sins. Their prisons are just the fires God puts us through before we go to heaven.

Jennifer Hall was out Monday night celebrating her 36th birthday at the Wabash Tap near the intersection of Wabash and Roosevelt. After a few drinks, she and her boyfriend went across the street to the Jewel to pick up a few items. As they walked out of the store, they passed a homeless couple — Derrick King, 46, and Joyce Burgess, 38 — sitting on the wall on the west side of the street who asked them for a cigarette.

Fear not, but rejoice: for the the soul of the righteous man who slays the pig is he who sits in God’s favor.


“They had asked us for a cigarette as we walked by. We both said no, we kept walking. We took about two or three more steps. The female had come off the wall and attacked Jennifer from behind,” said Joe Hoffman.

Hall’s boyfriend, Hoffman, jumped in to break up the fight right away. He claims that is when the woman’s friend, King, attacked him.

“At that point, I went ballistic and I started pushing the female off of her. At that point, the man jumped off the wall and he started attacking me,” said Hoffman. When King broke free he took Hoffman’s blackberry and started kicking Hall in the head.

Yes, it is the lack of consciousness of the slain pig that is damned. Yet their eternity is spent warning those, like them, whose hearts are hardened against love and those who rejected: the righteousness of selflessness to greed; their warning fall upon deaf ears.

“I just can’t image that — a 46-year-old man just kicking this little, tiny thing in the head,” said Debie Jolley, victim’s mother. Hall’s mother says her daughter is a petite woman — 5′ 4″ and about 110 pounds. Hall was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after the attack. She was in a drug-induced coma Monday night. Her jaw is broken and she underwent several surgeries but she is recovering.

For, remember, the greedy white dead warned them too; and, did they hear? No. As a fake Jew to his stolen birthright, they clasp to their possessions disregarding God’s will.

King and Burgess stay at the Pacific Garden Mission on South Canal. They appeared at a bond hearing Wednesday. If convicted, they could face seven years behind bars.

It is impossible for us to steal possessions that already belong to us. Yet, so that the lack thereof can be shown to all upon the earth, in the universe and in the heavens, we are to test the Devil’s heart for compassion. We can only pray for the worst for Ms. Hall. Go forth little children. For surely the harvest is ripe, but the laborers are few.

Chicago Foot Soldier Louis Till

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