Wicked Witch of West Cindy McCain: My Father Had Nothing (But His White Skin)

Cindy McCain has tired of the Democrats continued attack that her family is rich and out of touch with average Americans. She tells George Stephanopoulos that her family created their wealth from nothing and had hardscrabble times to face doing so.

Barack’s acceptance speech at the Democratic convention on Thursday hammered the point that McCain “doesn’t know” about the lives of middle-class Americans.

“I’m offended by Barack Obama saying that about my husband,” said McCain’s wife Cindy to George Stephanopoulos. ABC News reports from transcripts of “The Week” that McCain said the attacks were completely unfair.

My father had nothing (but his white skin).

"My father had nothing (but his white skin)."

Citing the American Dream, Cindy McCain detailed her father’s business building from a small investment of cash, and that no fortune was handed to him.

“My father had nothing. He and my mother sold everything they had to raise $10,000,” she said to George Stephanopoulos. “I’m proud of what my dad and my mother did and what they built and left me. And I intend to carry their legacy as long as I can.”

James Willis Hensley, Cindy’s father, was born April 12, 1920.

Cindy, FYI, blacks didn’t have the opportunities your father had. Cindy’s offense is a classic example of white people’s disregard of racism’s significance in history.

Slaughter Lightfoot(1920-04-12)

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2 Responses to Wicked Witch of West Cindy McCain: My Father Had Nothing (But His White Skin)

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