A coalition of black leaders and followers of some of the nations most dynamic new age black grassroot movements assembled in Texas, today, to witness and condemn the state’s murder of Leon Dorsey IV.

gbr-txs-ln-drsy-twr“Dorsey is a hero and a legend. I traveled from Savannah to be here for this event and to lend the support of our brothers and sisters to the condemnation of Texas’ whites,” Creek said.

“How long will you be unrighteous God,” Black Poverty Speaks champ St. Nicolas Thief waved his fists in challenge. “Yes, though you have given us the very Sun to use against them, today, on the cusp of this murder, we ask you for more. Now, too, give us the air and the water. Give us the grass and the shade. Increase the weight in the color of our skin so that The Devil can not bare to be in our very presence. Yeah let our very words hold the breathe of their lives.”
Prosecutor Toby Shook: “Upon reflection, Leon Dorsey is probably No. 1 as the meanest criminal I prosecuted.”

Toby Shook

Toby Shook

“Like all blacks, Dorsey had every right to rob from whites and pillage white owned companies,” said Savannah, Georgia God Damn America Movement (GDAM) leader Ebenezer Creek. “Let us not lay our hands upon The Devil, though. Yet let God’s spiritual terrorism attack and consume them.”

New Orleans GDA Suicide Enthusiast Katrina Ahmadinejad said he and NOLA Foot Soldiers and GDA enthusiasts came to offer condemnation and to participate in summoning a hurricane to destroy Southeast Texas whites and their property.

“This summer our prayers brought the floods that destroyed the filthy whites along the Mississippi,” said St. Louis Foot Solider  Cedishon Angelou.

“Before that same God, we join our warriors here in Texas, today, to show solidarity and make offerings to God to wipe Texas’ whites away.” To date, the gathering is the largest assembly between teh GDA movement and the NBFSN since the two movements began.

Leon David Dorsey IV, brashly calling himself “Pistol Pete,” was no stranger to violence.


Throughout September, Dorsey Will Be Placed in Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights competition's #1 Position

The former delivery driver and laborer from Dallas already was in prison, serving 60 years for killing a woman in a convenience store robbery, when a Dallas police cold case squad tied him to the unsolved shooting deaths of two employees at a video store.

Dorsey, now 32, was set to die Tuesday for the April 1994 attack.

AKA: “Soulja” – Texas Death Row

Prison records show since he arrived on death row eight years ago, he’s had at least 95 disciplinary cases. One of them, in 2004, was for using an 8 1/2-inch shank to stab an officer 14 times in the back. The officer’s body armor prevented serious injuries.

“I did 21 death penalty cases either as the lead or on a team,” said Toby Shook, a former Dallas County assistant district attorney. “Upon reflection, Leon Dorsey is probably No. 1 as the meanest criminal I prosecuted.”

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    • Anonymous says:

      Leon Dorsey did repent. We were pen pals for sometime. We shared scripture and he did express remorse for his victims and their families.

      • underprivilegedjournalism says:

        Hi Anonymous,
        Thanks. Our sources and a number of reported GhettoBraggingRights communities from around the country were in contact with Dorsey as well. All encouraged Leon to hold to his original character and praised him for his defiance. Before his execution, the National Black Foot Soldier Network reportedly established direct contact with him and notified that his “robbery and slaying” was officially being recognized as a “legitimate Black Foot Soldier Reparations Protest.” It is a recognition he was said to have welcomed. It has been reported from numerous GBR and NBFSN sources Leon maintained his thug integrity until the end.


  2. Tameka Dorsey says:

    Who the hell is writing all this crap about my brother…..ya’ll didn’t know him….get it together…

  3. Lily says:

    Just heard of his death due to the passing of another yate. Praise The Lord and may he and others burn in hell.

  4. Mattorton says:

    I am happy the monkey is dead. The whole world hates the feral negro beast.

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