Eve Carson Obsessed Being New Channon Christian, Black Male Rape?

Eve CarsonWhile one confidential informant told police that Lovette and Atwater entered Carson’s home through an open door, took her and her vehicle to an ATM, and used her pin to withdraw $1,400 from her bank account, another more authentic street source believes Carson invited Lovette and Atwater (and possibly some other niggas) to her appartment for the increasingly popular black death by sexual torture sexual experience many white boys, girls women and men are expressing they, now find intriguing.


SEE: The Eve Carson Reparations Protest


“They use their cars & privilege to tempt underprivileged black men into their robbery, rape, kill me schemes – source. “It appears She’d become infatuated with Lemaricus Cobbins & Lemaricus Davidson & obsessed with being the next Channon Christian” source

“She met them playing Privileged White Flaunt and was immediately attracked to both of them. For Lawrence and Demario it was better that way because they explained to her upfront that they came as a pair. That’s street word.”

“She met them playing the Privileged White Flaunt. But she broke the rules by getting personally involved” –source “

Investigators found a Bank of America receipt from Carson’s account near her vehicle when it was found a day after she was killed. There was a partial shoe print on the receipt, and investigators said they have seized several pairs of gym shoes from the suspects’ homes, the warrants said.

“Evidently she was willing to pay them whatever they wanted to rape and kill her. I think she’d been following the Channon Christian story closely. Among white girls and women seeking this gross sexual experience, they go out seeking brothers like Knoxville’s Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins. They ususually want black males who appear street savvy and have legnthy criminal records.

The police informant said Carson was shot multiple times by Lovette and was later shot by Atwater. An affidavit signed by State Bureau of Investigation agent Brian Flemming said the informant’s statements were corroborated because two separate weapons were used in the shootings.

“Usually, when the brothers refuse to rape and kill the white girls or women who lure them into these type of situations, they turn the tables on the brothers by threating to call the police on them and have them charged with attempted robbery and rape. The brothers know they are in losing situations when things like that occur. Eve may have attacked Lawrence when he refused to rape her. Lawrence was so level headed and descent, he would have only killed her in self defense.”

“When they refused to rape & kill her, she threatened to call the police”” – source

A warrant also says police have probable cause to believe “sexual assault of an unknown nature occurred,” though neither Lovette nor Atwater has been charged with such an assault. Blood, hair and saliva samples have been taken from the suspects.

Carson was found dead March 5, laying in the middle of a residential street in Chapel Hill about a mile from campus. Police have said the Athens, Ga. native had been shot multiple times, including once in the right temple. The autopsy report remains sealed but was expected to be released next week.

“There’s a lot of urban legendry about the silly beliefs these kind of affluent white girls who get involved in white collegiate cult circles that indulge in things like Privileged White Flaunt. They often think, for example, that they’ll be powerful ghosts when they are killed. Some of them are seeking to become racial celebrities for white nationalism’s black on white crime posters. By putting themselves in situations where it will appear that blacks have raped and killed them they are able to accomplish this.

“Still, while they say they want to be killed, I don’t think they fully understand that they are not coming back to life.”

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17 Responses to Eve Carson Obsessed Being New Channon Christian, Black Male Rape?

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  2. Sanya says:

    The Eve Carson Reparations Protest

    User comments below

    Is this a fucking joke? Has this been researched at all? Do you have any idea who Eve Carson was? Obviously not. Maybe you should look into it. This is incredibly base.

  3. John Dont says:

    Do you seriously believe this sh*t? Put down the pipe.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      John Dont,
      We stand by the legitimacy of this report and our sources. If you feel safer in the mainstream media environment, stay there.

      Welcome to UnderprivilegedJournalism,


      …. tell ya momma to put down the pipe…

      • Anonymous says:

        your sources are fabricated bullshit at best, an all you greasy assed niggers are going to face the same fate as haiti an somalia soon..

      • Rebecca Smith says:

        OUR ‘mothers’ don’t smoke the pipe, because they are not feral shegroid sows living in the ghetto fucking 20 dicks a day.

        You don’t have any ‘sources’ this is all bullshit nigger hate. OH and I’m not a ‘nigger thinker’ I’m a nigger ‘sayer’. At least I’m not a hypocrite. Everyone who knows me knows I hate niggers, they are not allowed in my home, they are not hired to do yard work, I don’t want your disease ridden homicidal stench anywhere near me or my family.

        OH and by the way, a FAMILY is something white people have; a herd is something your filthy whores have. Or perhaps a ‘litter’.

  4. daddy say what? says:

    what the hell is this?

  5. J. Smith says:

    Like all the other niggas I know you must be sucking on a crack pipe. Do you spend your spare time smoking crack and thinking up ways to hurt other people’s families. Just because your mother was a crack whore and you were left in the house all day with a pedophile and a box of tastioos doesn’t give you the privilidge to say this bullshit.
    By the way, “Slaughter,” I like the way you glorify Cobbins and Davidson in this bullshit article. Did you hear the confession tapes in court. They were crying like little bitch negro ho’s. Cobbins’ bitchass was so scared to be in general pop. that he asked for protective custody. In prison if you ask for protective custody that already means you’re a punk bitch. And Davidson is gonna get the needle. I hope a white woman puts it in his arm.
    Oh yea Slaughter, fuk you and your whore mother.

  6. J. Smith says:

    I told you Slaughter. All of those bitch niggas were going down. Don’t fuk with whitey. We’ll get you everytime. Now old Davidson, Thomas and Cobbins are getting ass-raped in a Tennessee prison. Thier life is gonna be so difficult there. I bet they get passed around like an old piece of luggage. Let this be a lesson to every negro with the idea that he’ll rape or kill a white woman. You will be delt with.

  7. Anonymous says:

    slaughter you are one sick assed motherfucker. I bet one of your crackhead babydaddys assed raped you repeatedly to get you ready for the penitentiary.. ain’t dat rite convict. now go get you’re fucking shinebox. sambo.

  8. The Messenger of JAH says:

    Please leave racism out of all posts. It negates the legitimacy of any point that anyone has here. This article is ridiculous. You base this all on a ‘Source’ who you can’t name or give any reference to because you made it up. This is pathetic. Does your brain HAVE to come up with imaginary stuff in order to make every white person who has ever been killed responsible for their own death? And if so, why? Seriously you have some messed up racist beliefs going on.
    People don’t do bad things because of the colour of their skin, nor is anyone guilty or innocent based on the colour of their skin. But the fact that you feel the need to make up rubbish to try to cause controversy which you obviously enjoy, is not only sad but also confusing. Have you nothing better to do with your day? No life? No partner? No children? No job? No friends? No hobbies? I feel bad for you Slaughter Lightfoot that your life is so bad you have to try to insult dead people and praise murderers simply because of the colour of their skin.
    Why don’t you love Hitler? He was responsible for millions of murders of white people, so you should praise him too, right? But, he’s not black… so you can’t? Is that really how your logic works? All evidence points to yes. And by evidence i mean things you have said, not something i made up. That seems to be your definition of evidence – things you make up.
    Why do you want to insult people and cause racial hatred? What is wrong with you as a human being? And the fact that people on here are taunting innocent victims of crisis in Somalia and Haiti like they are somehow linked to the person who wrote this article is disgusting, honestly disgusting.
    You all make me ashamed of humanity.

  9. bob says:

    I have never read such deluded nonsense in my life. Eve Carson and privileged whites like her pay Blacks to rape and kill them? Is there any evidence in the history of violent crime for this? Not that I am aware of. The crimes perpetrated against white girls like her are “hate crimes” and until the perpetrators are condemned by their peers for their behaviors they will continue. Blacks are most often victim of these kinds of criminals and it is truly self destructive behavior to treat them as heroes to be venerated. It is genuinely depressing for me to read the vile content of this site.

  10. nigger hater says:

    Fucking crack head gutter of niggers

  11. Anonymous says:

    dont you idiots see this is just a big TROLL

    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll’s amusement.

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