Yakub Sun Worshipers Burn Pregnant Memphis White Woman to Death

Whites teach children to apply SPF rather than Love Thy Neighbor

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5 Responses to Yakub Sun Worshipers Burn Pregnant Memphis White Woman to Death

  1. GeP says:

    hahaha.. now I remember you dumb fucks.. youz gonna bezze burn’in dem ebbil wyite debbils wit yo’superfly boosheet laser turd eye .. anshiet.

  2. GeP says:

    This is almost as unbelieveable as that fictional and completely fabricated bullshit holiday of kwanza. ..well, almost.

  3. ShatteredDreams says:

    A nigger mimicked your Yakub death ray instructions and attempted to fire ultra violet light at me as your caption suggests.
    Unfortunately for him, your fictitious star wars bullshit didn’t work and he got the butt end of my glock.

    Silly niggers. When will they ever learn that they are not human?

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