Stuff White People Like: Perversity, Denial & Privileged White Flaunt

Perverse Behavior & Denial

Brothers Beware the White BeastDo you ever get the feeling that it’s just all one big perverted game to white people: their concepts of justice, decency, integrity and honor? MUST READ: JODY BRUCHON’S PRIVILEGED WHITE FLAUNT DENIAL.

Take, for example, the deviant behavior of United States Senators Mark Foley and Larry Craig – influential men in positions of public representation. We might even consider the Weapons of Mass Destruction motive that led to the attack of Iraq and the murder of its leader. A disturbing pattern unfolds before us: people with personable public personas who live perverse & reprobate lives.

Can we, then, expect anything more of the people who vote for and support them? No. In fact, except for progression of what white perversity’s frighteningly evolving into, there’s nothing surprising about what we’re reporting.

Brothers Beware the White Beast“During the Slavery era, white men & women developed perverted sexual fetishes for the black male.

As nobody ever thought that fetish would evoIe into today’s perversion where they perceive robbery, rape & being killed by blacks as getting the whole black sexual experience; they are yet in denial about how & what all of their reprobate perversions have evolved into.

I think we’re all surprised by what white people have evolved into,” say Ghetto Bragging Rights publisher Kirkland Perkins. “In June, we’d been contacted so much abouut the growing number of occurances where brothers were targeted by white girls & boys and women & men to provide them with sex services that inclued this new “Black Death by Sexual Torture” perversion, we teamed with the National Black American Foot Soldier organization to distribute the Brothers Beware the Beast national warning calling brothers’ attention to this ‘fetish’ whites are calling the ‘new in thing’.

quotation markIn the 1960s, Malcom had already described them as devils. What, then, can they be called today?”

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