Yakub Blacks Hasten Ozone Depletion, Global Warming for White Holocaust

Free world penitentiary artist Nikel Felon\'s Suicide Angels & Lakes of Fires

Alleging centers of destruction will focus in areas with large caucasion populations, Yakub Sun Worshipers urged blacks nation and world wide to do all they can do to hasten the rates of Ozone depletion & Global Warming to further foster the 2012 White Holocaust.

Mother Nature has turned her face against the white man. Global Warming burns his skin. The increased amounts of Ultraviolet light burn his skin, corrode his mental faculty and erode his vision. The unthawing of the glacial polar caps makes the oxygen harder for him to breathe. While it it near time to start the Earth Party, until that hour we must hasten Global Warming and Ozone Destruction,” ousted Yakub13X minister Elohim Belial declared today after reviewing the flood destruction in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Once scourged by the new nation of black sun worshiper ministries, Belial, the original owner of the God Damn America movement, has mended many riffs with the groups and, now, finds his ministy’s new passions supported by many of the groups who once denounced him.



“The fall of the arctic’s greatest land predator symbolizes the fall of the world’s so called greatest man, the white man,” say Black Hebrew Pagan minister Yeshua Baal.

“It is with pleasure we welcome the climate’s terroristic attack of global warming and Ozone depletion that is destroying the artic’s greatest land predator. It is with delight nature is allowing us to witness and participate in this day and age.”

Baal spoke before a mixed faith congregation, Sunday in Savannah, Georgia that included black Christians, Black Panthers, Black Muslims and Yacub13X Sun Worshipers.

It’s like throwing water on witches

color“Ultraviolet light on white people’s skin is like throwing water on witches” – Jacobi Ali

While they dismiss this as a result of too much sun exposure and unrelated to spirituality, we know otherwise: there is no such thing as too much sun exposure; and, Divinity no longer accepts them as a part of nature.

The sun’s rays, which they call ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays (UVA and UVB rays) damage white people’s skin, erode their mental faculties, destroy their vision and, for them, they leads to early wrinkles.

“Due to their poor ability to (re)adapt to the current minor shifts in the environment without high susceptibilities to skin cancers like squamous and basal cell carcinomas, melanomas and cataracts the long term affects of global warming and ozone depletion negatively impact the fair skinned moreso than those with darker pigments.“Who is evolving, we are evolving” Jacobi Ali

Black Prayers

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2 Responses to Yakub Blacks Hasten Ozone Depletion, Global Warming for White Holocaust

  1. a nice person says:

    you cannot fight fire with fire

  2. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Satan only thought he knew fire.


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