God Damn America Movement Praise Racist Boy Scout Camp Destrution

SUPPORT THE GOD DAMN AMERICA MOVEMENTGod Damn America Blacks Praise Iowa Tornado

– Elohim Belial

“It is the complement of God to destroy the possessions of whites. For, they have placed their possessions over love. There is but one thing that the Sun of God will show before they are completely consumed: the debasement of those who placed themselves upon high.”

Belial’s firey sermon comes on the heels of the national grassroots efforts of the launch of his proposed God Damn America Day and talks of a new alliance with his former organization, the Yacub13X Black Sun Worshipers.

“God Damn America Day is now a movement coordinated to be observed on the start of each of the four seasons,” a grassroots worker for the movement said. “We’re asking that blacks, other people of color and white sympathizers fast, pray, mourn and weep for God’s damnation of America on at the start of each season. We will not organize, but are asking people to petition God from where ever they are. If people do want to assemble in their communities, houses, churches, temples, parks or Mosques, that is fine also. We will petition God and or Mother Nature at the start of every season and every year until our petition is honored. We fully expect our Lord to honor our prayers. But if the Lord does not, we will serve God anyway.”

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2 Responses to God Damn America Movement Praise Racist Boy Scout Camp Destrution

  1. goodpeopleofallraces says:

    This is the most racist piece of sh*t web site that I have ever seen. Not to mention illogical.
    1. If you dont like America, then leave.
    2. If you think that god hates whites or this country, you forgot that he created them too and he loves everything he created.
    3. This brings me to the point that God is not an actual being, he is an everything. Alpha and Omega.
    4. You should be ashamed to be filled with such hatred, For if God and Satan truly do exist i am sure the latter will be waiting for your arrival anxiously.

  2. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi GoodPeople,
    Most new age blacks assert America belongs to them (us); and that as its new rulers we needn’t leave. It is a VERY aggressive position, but so is the verbage: if you don’t like it leave.

    Are you not familiar with the different creation stories in the bible or the story of Yakub grafting the white man and breathing life into him. It is also written of in the Koran.

    Most New Thought blacks also note that the God of the oppressed and the God of their oppressors is not the same. Do you think they (the oppressed and their oppressors) serve teh same God.

    The Black Sun Worshipers believe the only people who should be ashamed are the oppressors or those whose skin burns easily in the sun. In this case they are one in the same.

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