Texas' Sexiest Brothers on Death Row Featuring Glenn Charles McGinnis

Texas\' Sexiest Brothers on Death Row Celebrates the Death & Life of Glenn Charles McGinnis

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One Response to Texas' Sexiest Brothers on Death Row Featuring Glenn Charles McGinnis

  1. Private says:

    I don’t see how this person, McGinnis, and his crime have anything to do with race. He killed my cousin. He killed her for his own reasons and none other. He did wrong and was punished lawfully for it. He is now gone. His family grieves their loss. My cousin is gone and our family grieves our loss. They are both gone. This cas was not about race at all. It was about a man who killed an innocent person. They are both dead now. They did not know each other in life. Her death was not about race. His cvrime was not about race. It was about other things. But not race. You do him, and my cousin, a disservice by including them here in a dialogue about racial injustice. If racial injustice is what you wish to highlight on this blog, I think you should strive to research your facts more carefully, and not include things which have nothing to do with racial injustice. Such as my cousin’s murder and her murderer. Race had nothing to do with it.

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