Ghost of Racist GI Haunts Haditha –

Iraqi wafarer steers children clear of beligerent spirit

Jubilee Brothers“It is the most terrible spirit,” says Abdul-Fataah, whose name means, Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance).

Joshua Booth, of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, who had only been in Iraq for one month, was leading his platoon on foot through Haditha when, “VENGENCE IS MINE!” Allah struck.

Yes, we beheld red, white, and blue blood trickle into the sand with stain.

Yet, a most wicked spirit of a man rose from the tempered sands that day.

It Upon learning those very sands upon which he traspassed on and perished were its hell, it became terrible and ill for repentance.
So terrible it was until the children who were on their daily trips to the Garden of Eden to retrieve waters from the Well of Life, theyrathered return to their homes than pass the roadside near where the spirit terrorized.

Where is the days water?” Upon finding their pales empty, their parents asked?

“We have seen the most terrible spirit! We have seen the most terrible spirit,” the children reported daily.

“There is the most terrible and mean American spirit calling us ’sand nigger‘ along the roadside.

He blocks our path and demands apple pies from us – a thing which we know not of.”

“That Great White treacherous Dragon forbids the path to the Well of Life, again,” all the parents of the land said.

So they sent me, the opener of the gates of sustenance, to guide the children through the fear keeping them from the waters whereby you may have eternal life.”

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