Philly Cop Killer Eric Boyd Speaks: I Am New Bragging Rights Legend

With the reward for his capture climbing to over $150,000, sources allege that before notifying authorities of his whereabouts, new Ghetto Bragging Rights SuperThug Eric Floyd sent a message out to Philly’s Ghetto Bragging Rights community saying: I am legend.

Floyd’s surrender allegedly came on the heels of his learning that his first week Ghetto Bragging Rights tallies were beating Savannah, Georgia’s superthug Michael ‘Slavery Avenger’ Thorpe’s first week tally.

But there’s more. According to another source, the 5400-block of Windsor Street, where police report Floyd was captured, was the spot to be:

“There was a block party like nothing we’d ever seen. Everybody was doing their thing. Floyd footed everything. After specifics were defined, he even arraigned who’d snitch him out for the reward money. At the end of the ride, ‘E’ was exhausted. Everybody was already telling him he’d already made the GBR’s nation level. He’d been partying for a full four days straight and just wanted to get a little, rest and wait for boys to come pick him up. The media and so-called authorities spun this thing around. FLoyd wanted one thing: the Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights.”

In 2006, Thorpe was convicted for the 2005 botched Christmas eve pursejacking of Jennifer Ross. Ross, a privileged white whose forefathers owned hundreds of African slaves, was a Mercer college student.

During the robbery, it is widely reported that snottedly rebuffed her assailant. It has been reported, however, that Thorpe wasn’t attempting to rob Ross as much as he was targeting because of her family’s history.

“Floyd, Warner and Cain each had their eyes on toppling Thorpe,” a Philly GBR member said. “Thorpe’s been the one everyone’s trying to beat.”

Throughout the course of the last week, Ghetto Bragging Rights anti black poverty activist St. Nicolas Thief visited Philly to coordinate a new social action protest campaign some Philly blacks plan to launch at the start of Liczbinski’s funeral.

Some say Thief may have leaked sensative GBR data to the community letting Floyd know his new GBR seating. Still another source alleges a clique of black policemen down with the GBR helped Floyd avoid capture until his national GBR seating could be attained.


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13 Responses to Philly Cop Killer Eric Boyd Speaks: I Am New Bragging Rights Legend

  1. copinphilly says:

    fuck you! you can lick my balls!! how dare you animals post such bullshit. you praise someone who ends another human life let alone someone who would help the very same dirtbag cocksucker , who would call the “popo” if your pussy ass was shot because your a fucking cunt, like that pussy floyd who hung out in a vacant property with his ho cunt girlfriend. i wish i was there so i could put a bullet in his cocksuckin mouth. FUCK YOU AND FUCK HIM, PUT THE NOOSE AROUND HIS ALLAH WANNA BE NECK!!!!!

  2. copinphilly says:


  3. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi CopInPhilly,
    I hope your attitude here doesn’t reflect what you do on the streets. Your use of profanity!

    Notwithstanding, there are multiple contributors to this site, but I agree with what’s being said about Liczbinski dying without honor because he fought to protect the rich from the poor rather than the poor from the rich .

    “For those of us who find it necessary to commit crimes of integrity, there’s more honor in dying in the penitentiary, at the hand of a cop or by execution than to be the cop who dies while protecting the rich from the poor” – St. Thief

    I think Liczbinski’s been proven to be the worthless scumbag, not Floyd.

  4. tdwhitney says:

    woah, you are one angry person

    time to start taking those meds

    Hi Td,
    What part of this made you think I’m angry? What meds are you recommending?

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. tdwhitney says:

    Just another fyi for you – Eric Boyd is no Robin Hood. Just to set the record straight, Robin Hood took from the rich to give to the poor. He didn’t take people’s lives just for fun.

    Killing is wrong. I don’t know where you get the notion that it’s not wrong, but it is, unless you are perhaps a Satanist or you forgot to take your meds, or you are a protege of Osama Bin Laden, in which case, your brain has been filled with utter nonsense and the thought that evil behavior will be rewarded in the afterlife, which isn’t even supported by true Islamic Doctrine, it’s a perversion of an already sketchy belief system. There’s no factual or spiritual basis for your thoughts here, it’s all bullshit. You are completely and totally misguided, and people who kill and rape for fun are not good. Period. End of Story.

    The white man’s concept of equality is a curiousity.

  6. tdwhitney says:

    Seriously, what do you know about real poverty anyway? Huh? You ever seen real poverty? Where people die of starvation?

    What are you doing to help other people that are poor, defenseless and helpless? (Lauding the killing of white people doesn’t count as “helping” anyone, you’re just promoting anger and resentment).

    Just a few more questions: I’m a so-called “privileged” white guy, who happens to be married to a woman of color and have two beautiful children (ages 1 1/2 (who spent almost 3 months in the hospital after he was born) and 3 1/2) of mixed race. Should my wife and kids now be murdered and killed because they are associated with me?

    Here’s another hypothetical: Does every so called “super-thug” have the right to play God (or the enemy of God) and kill whoever they want, even if that includes someone you love? When driving down the street, and they come across a whole bunch of kids on a field trip, some of whom are white, some of whom other colors, should they just mow them all down because of the evil “privileged” white kids? Should all white people be wiped from the face of the earth? What about privileged descendents of the Portugese slave traders? What about the mixed-race descendents of Spanish Conquistadores who almost annihilated the entire indigenous population of South America? And what about the descendents of the Moors, you know, those Muslim guys from Africa who conquered huge sections of Europe and made slaves out of white people? What about the descendents of the ancient Egyptians (Africans) who enslaved the Hebrews? Should they all be killed too?

    And do you care about people who have been wronged that aren’t of African descent, or are only black people allowed to be angry and kill those who they think they should blame for their unhappiness? For instance, what about the survivors of Pol-Pot’s regime, where 6 million Cambodians (including children) were tortured, imprisoned and/or killed at the hands of the so-called “liberators” of their nation?

    How far back does the hatred go? Just want to understand how you think this is supposed to work.

    Let’s stick to the black and white before us here. That’s the place for us to start. It is VERY good for you to have found a person of color to help your health.

  7. babiegurlcole says:

    first off that was my uncle and he was far from rich he didnt grow up in a goody good neighborhood we all lived on the same block in kensington for a long time so dont say that shyt you dont fukking know him so dont act like you all do he was a great man he would do everything for anyone and he was far from a racist he was a great guy you really need to get this stuff off here he was not that kind of person he grew up with blacks whites puerto ricans he served for everyone and he would do anything for anyone so dont say this kind of stuff about him because what happens when someone in your family or a close friend to you gets shot who do you call??? 911 and thats what he was doing he was taking a call that was his job you people need to grow up and stop all this racist shyt and stop acting like you know everything because you dont know shyt about him as for floyd he is a piece of shyt he may not have shot my uncle but he stuff ran into bank of america with a gun in a box and his hand on the trigger and he was there so dont make people out the wrong way you need to fix this shyt if not I will

  8. Dino says:

    The names Dino, you’re gonna remember that or you’re gonna get yourself in a lotta trouble…ya follow?

  9. Doc Holliday says:

    Floyd, as it is apparent, is a sub-species. Not a human at all. Just a sub-species in which nature has failed. TNB is what N_____ologists studies find. Wher there is one, there are many because they herd like cattle except for different purposes such as chimping out!

  10. Doc Holliday says:

    It seems there are alot of sub-species also on this site, I can tell by its postings. TNB known to be as chimping out! We would like them all to go back where they originated from. There they can be amongst their own species of unlike humans.

  11. Brandon says:

    Haha filthy niggers.How does it feel to be the lowest form of human (if you’re even human)?
    Niggers think they’re the superior race?HAHAHAHAHAHA…!I bet you also think that rap is the highest form of music.To bad it doesn’t even qualify as music because it has no harmony.

  12. B-man says:

    As for your “400 years of oppression”…
    Why is it, that I MASSIVELY don’t give
    a rat’s ass?
    Here’s something for you to think about.
    You’re hoping for a race war? You comprise about
    13% of the population; you’re OUTNUMBERED.
    Hispanics (the fastest-growing segment of the
    U.S. population) consider themselves WHITE
    as a rule. O.K., lots of ’em voted for Obama, but then so did everyone else (including whites) who wanted a free ticket to the government slop trough (which YOU’VE been hoggin’ away at for decades!) But, they really, REALLY don’t like blacks… you actually think they’ll side with you? (They don’t like Islam either. And if they become a majority, you’ll be lucky if you just end up back in the cottonfields.)
    And add that to the fact, peer-reviewed scientific research by none other than James Watson (co-discoverer of DNA) has found that the average black is about 10-20 IQ points lower than the average white (most likely due to genetics.)
    And, your average gangbanger (your “foot soldiers”I assume) can’t shoot to
    blow his own foot off in one try.
    Think yooz gonna win dat phat ‘Merican jihad, homeys? (And if so, how do you propose to do it?)
    The reason YT hasn’t busted your ugly asses
    yet (speaking of ugly, ever had a black female lusting after you? I have… *ITS EMBARRASSING to say the least*) is because so far we haven’t gotten over that silly “white guilt” crap yet. But NOBODY’S patience lasts forever…

  13. a Human Being says:

    Who’s going to pay for your welfare now, niggers?

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