Blacks to Officer Stephen Liczbinski: Hate to Rain on Your Parade or Piss at Your Funeral; Black Philly Unites


To unite Philly’s blacks and steer them toward one common goal, the anti black poverty champ St. Nicolas Thief arrived in The City of Brotherly Love, Monday, to coordinate a social action protest the Philly Ghetto Bragging Rights community has dubbed: don’t PISS IN PHILLY’S STREETS.

“With all that’s going on here and in New York, we extended the invitation for Thief to visit our city and share with us some of his insights,” Philly GBR member Phunke Cousins said. “Reminding us not to piss in public places where white people have to walk is what we needed to hear.”


Thief and participants timed the protest to begin Friday at 7:30 a.m.. The hour is significant because it is the same time the 2nd viewing of the body of disgraced officer Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski is to be held.

“We ain’t bucking. This just horseplay,” Thief, in classic street preacher fashion, mocked.
“Us gonna keep our hands behind our backs! Us gonna stay between the white lines! Ain’t gonna be no talking in the chow hall.”

As usual, his target audience was institutionally impoverished and criminally victimized underprivileged black males.

Thief, known for coordinating his Black Poverty Speaks Social Action Protests in cities with strong Ghetto Bragging Rights communities, was invited to Philly by its GBR community.

Ducking local media, Thief, in a street campaign, was toured through West and Southwest Philly’s ghettoes where he spoke his uplifting message to hundreds of discouraged blacks.

“He brought a powerful message today,” said one black Philly street hustler who only wanted to be identified as Busker. “If we made Philly’s whites smell what they act like, they wouldn’t be able to walk none of these streets.”

“First, you put the drugs here in our communities. Then, you front with a prententious war (in which you fail) to keep the drugs out of our communities. Finally you punish (us) the victims of drugs for your failure. You hold us accountable for our using drugs. But you’re not accountable for your failure to protect your citizens? Let me see: you fail us, punish us, hold us accountable and let yourselves off the hook. During supercop Liczbinski’s funeral in everywhere you go, when you see white hypocrisy, don’t UNZIP YOU ZIPPER AND PISS. While they are yet pitching dirt on Liczbinski’s grave don’t UNZIP YOU ZIPPER AND PISS. Only don’t pull it out and PISS IN THEIR STREETS. For, we wouldn’t want ALL HER LAND TO STINK!”



“Everywhere you go, don’t PISS IN HER STREETS,” Thief slammed. “Her downtown shouldn’t reek with the smell of urine! Her suburbs shouldn’t stink with piss’ foul stench.

Do you want Philly to smell like her corruption? Then don’t PISS IN HER STREETS! Why do you know what would happen if all Philly’s 700,000 niggers pissed in her streets? The Egyptians would loathe to drink of the water of the river and eat the food in her fine resturants. And we are not as the children of Israel in Egypt, are we?

Funeral arrangements for Sgt. Liczbinski

Thursday : Starting at 6 p.m. family, friends and the public can pay their respects at the John F. Givnish Funeral Home, 10975 Academy Road, Philadelphia.

Friday: A second viewing will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a funeral Mass following at noon at the Cathedral Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul, 1723 Race St., Philadelphia.

Burial will follow at Resurrection Cemetery, 5201 Hulmeville Road, Bensalem.

Viewing, services and burial are open to the public.


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11 Responses to Blacks to Officer Stephen Liczbinski: Hate to Rain on Your Parade or Piss at Your Funeral; Black Philly Unites

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  3. babiegurlcole says:

    what the fukk is always up with all this racist shit you need to get this shyt the fukk off here thats my uncle your talking about and as for floyd he aint sexy in anyway he is an arogent asshole and so are all of you for putting this shyt up here and smells like something died thats fukked up you should be right were he is for saying something like that everything to people anymore has to be racist that shyt was how many years ago??? grow the fukk up already and move the fukk on it didnt happen to you it happened to your ancestors so stop acting like everyone owes you everything no one owes you shyt

  4. jliczbinski says:

    cole you think these monkeies acctualy read this filth. These idiots can’t even use the english language right let alone read considering they drop out of school at five years old, and start peddling thier dope on the streets while their mothers pull tricks in the back seat of some fuck ups car. They want to try changing things how’s this shit heads. Get a education, Get a JOB, put in a normal work day provide for your families. Stay around when your woman has your child. Talk about cowards these guys run at the first sign of a missed period.

    Thief this is open invitation to you jackass any time you feel froggy find me. I would love to make you bite a cirb you filthy monkey.

  5. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Your perception of blacks and violence is disturbing. I can only presume you are related to Officer Liczbinski. I wonder if he shared the same kind of thoughts you have about black people.

    Notwithstanding, it is the perspective of this publi- cation that the heroes are the brothers engaged in the anti black poverty protest that took place at the bank.

    Officer Liczbinski chose to protect the rich over the poor rather than the poor from the rich.

    The community to this site finds his values were corrupt.

    Slaughter Lightfoot

  6. jliczbinski says:

    and look where the three are ones dead and two will get the needle if that is your type of hero be my guest commit a murder and get killed your self in fact come and see me I will do you the honors of putting the bullet right between your nig eyes. You talk about white racism and yes it exists, but so does black racism. You people are quick to pull the race card ((Jessie Jackson)) but turn around and call a white person cracker. you people are nothing but hypocritical pieces of trash and hope you feel the same pain that this family has felt over my uncles murder. Hey you never know maybe it will be committed by one of the poor nigs you are so worthlessly trying to help you know the kind considering you are one. Now that would be some irony wont it nigga

  7. jliczbinski says:

    Something else you fail to realize is how much bull shit is written in this online publication ((Yeah dumb ass one word no dash you learn that in elementary school oops forgot you never passed the first grade)) This publication wrote about feces and urine on the walls and sidewalks around the basilica well if there was then damn those people must of been invisible with the amount of media and police at the funeral it would of taken some on with balls bigger then well say PHILLY NIGGERS to do that. Oh and don’t get me wrong I don’t hate all black people oh god no I am not that bad of a person I just hate the ones that drag their knuckles on the ground, have a IQ that rates less then every shit I have taken in the 23 years I have been alive, and think that violence is the answer to everything. You know that type since you and every writer for this publication ((All two of you)) are that type of black person. Want more? Ok here we are how is this one. the population of blacks in prison V.S. any other ethnicity is 99%. Why? Lets see to put it lightly they find it better then the living conditions they were in before committing the crime that got them sent there in the first place. another reason three square meals a day. how is this one they can get a education ((most do too uplifts the spirits to know they want to be productive members of society when they are released/paroled)) you want to discuss this further be my guest you will be amazed at how much this 23 year old white boy knows about the strife of minorities in America I work with a lot of em with my local PAL association and during the school year do after school work and tutoring with them so before you spout your “I’m black give me free shit you owe me” bull shit think and ask your self “What have I done with my life to deserve to even breath?”

  8. drealsuperskunk says:

    I should just avoid this page all together. First of all every comment on here is the most racist garbage I’ve heard on both sides. I can’t believe that my fellow black men would think like this. It’s such a disgrace ! And do me a favor, if you’re going to try and write, learn how to spell and make sense please !

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  10. K Smith says:

    THIS WEBSITE IS A DISGRACE>>>U R A SCUMBAG…Officer Liczbinski and all of the other fallen officers are heroes!!!

  11. todd says:

    This website really is disgraceful.

    Acting like animals and pissing on the street is not productive. Stop blaming white people and take some responsibility for your own situation. The world is full of injustice and life is not fair, but there is opportunity for those who work hard.

    Might I suggest being responsible parents, treating women with respect, speaking / writing proper English and just being decent people who treat others with respect. Life is already difficult for people born in the ghetto. Preaching this nonsense will only make things worse.

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