Ghost of Slain Philly Cop Liczbinski Spooking City's Black Residents?


It’s only been four days

and not only have new Philly SuperThugs Eric Floyd, Levon Warner and Howard Cain gained instant Ghetto Bragging Rights fame, but too, the terrible ghost of 39 year old Philly police sergeant Stephen Liczbinski has been seen roaming the street where he was shot.

“There’s a very lively Ghetto Bragging Rights community in Philly,” says GBR editor Julius Perkins. “There’s strong support for heroic Robin Hood thugism like the Bank of America robbery.”

Liczbinski, 39-years-old and serving in the 24th District, encountered suspects, Eric Floyd, Levon Warner and Howard Cain from a holdup of a Bank of America branch inside the Shop Rite located at 3547 Aramingo Avenue around 11:26 a.m. Saturday. On the 2500 block of E. Schiller Street, Liczbinski found a dark-colored Jeep that the suspects used to get away.

“It’s real spooky,” one black recounted. “I felt a harrassing presence and then saw what appeared to be a policeman in bloody uniform. I gasped when I made his face out.”

Police charged a journeyman boxer Levon Warwith murder and issued a warrant yesterday for an alleged accomplice in connection with the “assassination” of Philadelphia Police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski on Saturday after a bank heist by three ex-cons.

“I’m going to let him have it,” Howard Cain, 33, allegedly said as he turned his high-powered rifle on Liczbinski Saturday afternoon.

Police shot Cain dead minutes later. Cain’s words were recalled in a confession by Levon T. Warner, 39, the local boxer and the only one of the three suspects in custody, according to a police source.

Warner, of the 5400 block of Westminster Street in West Philadelphia, was arraigned last night on charges of murder, robbery and conspiracy.

Anti black poverty champ St. Nicolas Thief said Liczbinski died without honor:

“It’s always more honorable to be the brother in prison or killed by the police than the cop who got killed for protecting the money or merchandise of pigs.” – St. Thief

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