Crooked Philly Cop Eats Ghetto Cheese Steaks & Fed Ghetto Just Desserts


One Philly-based GBR community member said that while he hadn’t had any negative experiences with Liczbinski, he would have to assume that he was just another of Philly’s anti black cops who gets their kicks out of trying to arrest and shoot black males.”


Anti black poverty champ St. Nicolas Thief, who said he’s been invited to the city multiple times to teach inner city blacks how to stage the theatrical social action protest robberies he’s been widelycriticized for, says police are failing in their jobs of protecting the poor from the rich.

“Wanna be supercops like Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski are routinely effective in protecting the filthy money and gaudy merchandise of the obscenely rich fake white Jew communities, but fail miserably in protecting the impoverished from these same vultures. Bank of America deserves to be robbed by underprivileged niggas; and, cops like Liczbinski deserved to eat ghetto just desserts .”


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