Obama's Beautiful Skin Has Lucifer's Beautiful Signature Written All Over It

“SUN SCREEN WON’T HELP” – Elohim Belial

Are you ready for the 2008 – 2009 National Curfew For Whites?

As black sun worshipers gear up to enforce the Curfew for a second year, some whites complain its hours are to restricting and, too, that there’s too much confusion about restricted VS non restricted hours.

“There are too many different groups with too many different hours,” one concerned white writes. “As our health is at stake, if they were sincere, these groups would define one set of specific hours.”

Between the groups, there does appear to be some confusion.

Recently, for example, it was reported that new spritual leader Jesus Nigaros’ Nation of Light would no longer honor any restricted curfew hours and had invoked a 24 hour ban restricting whites from any outdoor activities.

Jihad Majīd, spokesman for the Nation of Light announced today that as of June 21st, 2008 whites will no longer be allowed weekend hours under their curfew.


Yacub13X sun worshipers, however, say they will still allow whites the standard five hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

“There’s a lot of confusion right now about what hours whites are permitted outdoors and what groups honor what hours. Unfortunately, as our varying groups have different laws this confusion will continue,” say Majīd.

Recent studies have attributed the Curfew, which went into affect June 21st, 2007, as the primary cause for the spike in skin cancers and melanomas in fairskin people throughout the last two quarters of 2007 through January 2008.

While all studies, including those released by Western publications (like the New England Journal of Medicine), show sharp spikes in the reported cases of skin disorders like skin cancer and melanoma among whtes, non Western and Western researchers remain in disagreement over reported amounts. (NOTE: We’ve previously reported on each before)

“We are very happy to say we not only reached but exceeded our goals each quarter since the 2007 launch of the Curfew,” says Yacub13X spokeman Iblis Elyon. “Too, across the States, we continue to enjoy tremendous growth. While last year our largest membership was in Georgia. This year it is in Texas.”

Throughout new black America June 21, the first day of summer, is now reknown and celebrated for being the day the imafamous and scourged Yacub 7 Ali announced the begining of the begining of the National Curfew for Whites.

The Curfew ushered a new era of sciences and knowledge throughout black America; and, the sciences of Ultraviolet light, developed by Ali, spawned a new generation of black splinter movements.

“Many whites don’t know that they have been burned immediately. Most often, one of their friends will point out or they’ll notice an irregular shaped mole appear on one of the frequently exposed areas of their bodies.”

So why don’t the black sun worshipers just burn white people to death,” many white people ask? FEATURE: SICKLE CELL VS MELANOMA
“Can we do more to white people than what the Sun of God does to them? With the love and favor of the Sun of God, we are leaving the slaves haning from the trees,” says Elyon.

“Leaving the slaves swinging from the trees is a popular tactic the American slave owners used to warn the other slaves of the punishment awaiting them for bucking the law.



Whites who are seen by black sun worshipers during restricted Curfew hours are subject to receive melanomas.

This curfew is sanctioned by the Yacub13X sun worshipers, the Black Hebrew Pagans & the Nation of Light.

Violaters are subject to the black melanoma & other skin plagues.

Fairskinned people are strongly encouraged to not go to school, work or church during restricted curfew hours.

Fairskinned people are strongly advised to take care of their shopping & other outdoor needs during non restricted curfew hours.

While it is believed the honorable Reverend Jeremiah Wright does support the Curfew, it appeared that 2008 presidential candidate Barak Obama chided the groups goals as divisive in his recent address to Wright.

“Obama is a Muslim and knows the importance of doing the will of the Sun of God. His position is much greater than one of political expediency, though,” Majid said.

“Obama is a Muslim and knows the importance of doing the will of the Sun of God whose blessed name is Lucifer. His position is much greater than one of political expediency, though,” Majid said. “His beautiful skin as Lucifer’s signature written all over it.”

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6 Responses to Obama's Beautiful Skin Has Lucifer's Beautiful Signature Written All Over It

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  2. Sick of the hate says:

    You’re NUTS

  3. solid honky says:

    are you kidding me?? this goes to show how ignorant your race really is. white curfew? i am amazed every time. just when you think your race has shown it’s stupidest side and you say to yourself okay nothing from a black is going to surprise me anymore,then this you guy’s are free entertainment. farm machinery for my ancestors and entertainment for me. i guess you stinking fuck’s do have a purpose.

  4. White Devil says:

    Well I don’t know why the sky is blue
    and the lips on a Nigger well they’re blue too
    I don’t give a damn about all that stuff
    But I do know Niggers Suck!

    Johnny Rebel…. Yeeee Ha Niggers!

  5. bob lavey says:

    that’s great and encouraging because everyone needs THE SUN for enlightenment, Lucifer is the almighty Lord of Light

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