WHO’s THIS SECRET BOMBSHELL BLONDE IN JEREMIAH WRIGHT’S LIFE? In ancient black mythology, the Clash of the Titans represents the defeat of the white people’s God over Black People’s God.

The mythology then follows the trail of white rulership, conquership and extermination of the black people across the earth.


At the root, the goal of the white philosophy that emerged was too wipe out all existing traces of blacks and their God.

Conceptually, until today, these two Gods haven’t battled since that time.

The corporate American conservoliberal media is attempting to cloud the greater issue that’s here. And Obama can’t say it aloud. But, Jeremiah Wright did. Jeremiah Wright said it: the God of the oppressor and the God of the oppressed aren’t the same.

How do we know the God of the oppressed and the God of the oppressors aren’t the same: because there is no charge by the oppressors for God to damn this country. For the oppressor to ask God to damn this country, is an admission of guilt of their corruption.

Was the God of the Israelites, whom God led from the land of Egypt, the same God of the Egyptians who oppressed them?

Most of all, here, in examing this characteristic about God, He appears to be the God of the underdog.

Hence, another problem arises for America’s Christian oppressors: if God is the God of the underdog, then not only do they not possess the good they claim to possess, but – too, they are certain to be destroyed if the consciousness of their oppression is quickened to the reality that their God is not the same and they then call on their God for their rescue.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s white mistress is non other than That Great Whore which did corrupt the earth with her fornication.

But he’s called for Her damnation. The rest is on the shoulders of those he was speaking to: those who have to 1) fast; 2) weep; 3) mourn and 4) pray to their God to fufill His prophecy.

Jeremiah Wright’s words unlocked the gates to this movement; and, the blacks we’re hearing from are asking: why do we have to wait?

What’s next? God Damning America!


Lord bless neither this land nor her people. Not even her itty bitty children are worthy to be saved. Won’t you send another flood and wash them all away? Else tell me why you’re stuck on Ever Lasting Grace.

Since you have an aversion to Storms, Lord, please know there are other harms. Let the waters rise past the shores, Lord. Make this land no more! Let the sun stay in the sky, in fires let them fry. Or, open her jaw wide up and swallow all of us!

Bless neither this land nor her people. Not even her itty bitty children are worthy to be saved. Won’t you send another flood and wash them all away? Else tell me why you’re stuck on Ever Lasting Grace.

A Prayer Contributed by Nikel Felon

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