God Damn America Day& The 4 Horse Men: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

“The Sexiest white Man Alive Can Take His Bow. Who Is America’s Husband But the That Blue Eyed Devil”

While it is unlikely we’ll be able to get 100% participation from black and other people of color by the first God Damn America date, because we’re only a month and a half away from the date, it is likely by word of mouth, that we would see greater participation on the Fall date. Petitioning God to lay white America to waste on the first day of Fall has great symbolism. By the winter date our cause should be able to reach outside the United States and gain international support. By Spring 2009, then, if the Sun of Righteousness hadn’t already risen with healing power, will be the largest demonstration to date. Riding these seasonal Four Horsemen, we can maximize our reach and our mission.

We are looking for God to honor us and show the world His stregnth through a series of great natural and never seen before disasters and catastrophies that will adversely affect the West and her ideologies.

Thank you & God Damn America!

Now we have done everything else. It’s time to do what the ancient blacks in the bible did when they needed God to intervene and bring down a nation: dress up in sackcloth, put ashes on our faces and cry out to God to Damn this land. The Jews (the original ones) put on their sackcloth and ashes and cried out to God.

Blacks have always asked God for equality and better treatment in this country. Its time to ask for something else.

June 21st let brothers and sisters unite spiritually – where ever we are and do like our ancients did: fast, mourn, wail to God to Bring her down.

Jeremiah Wright said it “God Damn America”. Its prophesy fufilled.

June 21st (first day of Summer);
September 22nd (first day of Fall);
December 21st (first day of Winter);
March 20th (first day of Spring 2009);

This is grassroots at this point.

email: underprivilegedpublishing@yahoo.com

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