Killing Them Softly: Sun Worshipers Publish 2008-2009 Melanoma Hit List – Ewan McGregor Pregnation Successful

Which high profile white celebrities and politians are being eyed for skin cancers and melanomas this year?

With the approach of the one year anniversary of their National Curfew for Whites, the Yacub13X Black Sun Worshiper movement has again released its yearly list of national celebrities and politicians to watch.


The list is used to showcase high profile whites who will be successfully impregnated with what the sun worshipers call: one of the plagues from the family of skin curses designed by God to burn white people with. They say the plagues are used against whites who violate the curfew hours handed down by God to be adminstered and enforced by them. Thus, when whites are seen by sun worshipers in restricted curfew hours, they are chastised.

“Many whites don’t know that they have been burned immediately. Most often, one of their friends will point out or they’ll notice an irregular shaped mole appear on one of the frequently exposed areas of their bodies.”

So why don’t the black sun worshipers just burn white people to death,” many white people ask?

“Shall we  do more to white people than what the Sun of God does to them. With the love and favor of the Sun of God, we are leaving the slaves haning from the trees,” says Yacub13X spokeman Iblis Elyon.

“Leaving the slaves swinging from the trees is a popular tactic the American slave owners used to warn the other slaves of the punishment awaiting them for bucking the law. White people who go to work, shopping, school, and church or anything else that is outside of restricted curfew hours are bucking the law and subject to the penalties thereof.”

Recent studies have attributed the Curfew, which went into affect June 21st, 2007, as the primary cause for the spike in skin cancers and melanomas in fairskin people throughout the last two quarters of 2007 through January 2008.

While all studies, including those released by Western publications (like the New England Journal of Medicine), show sharp spikes in the reported cases of skin disorders like skin cancer and melanoma among whtes, non Western and Western researchers remain in disagreement over reported amounts. (NOTE: We’ve previously reported on each before)

“We are very happy to say we not only reached but exceeded our goals each quarter since the 2007 launch of the Curfew,” Iblis says. “Too, all the high profile celebrities and politicians we focused our attention on are successfully spotted.”

While there were many big names like Anderson Cooper and Nicole Kidman who did come forward, recently, and admit they had to have their skin treated, some high profile whites, he says, out of shame, still have not come forward.

“There are still some high profile whites out there who are too ashamed to come forward and admit their impregnations.”

Some surprising research data accompanied the publication of this year’s List.

While the Yacub13X sun worshiper are at liberty to spot whites during unrestricted hours without any penalty, most say they do honor non curfew hours. More surprising, however, is the finding that most Y13X sun worshipers don’t don’t spot whites (even during restricted curfew hours) until after they have listened to the white person’s hidden thoughts and judged the degree of his perversion and consciouslessness.

The List and its findings were published across the Yacub13X network this week.

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4 Responses to Killing Them Softly: Sun Worshipers Publish 2008-2009 Melanoma Hit List – Ewan McGregor Pregnation Successful

  1. White folks is gonna have to learn the hard way. They cannot get back to the pigmental garden of Eden by abosrbing UV rays. It is in effect Pangea darwinism. White folks desperately seek a darker complexion because it is the essence of African beauty. Their self-absorption and vanity will drive them into a melanoma grave. To them I saw good riddance.

  2. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Johnny,
    I haven’t had a chance to visit your blog, yet, but am looking forward to it. Are you a Darwinist?

  3. Naw, I just thought that it was a funny phrase. I don’t believe in nuttin’ but a fat sack, a fridge full of cold ones, and the statutory period of time that has to elapse before the landlord can evict.

  4. skunkcousins says:

    “We also know from previous experiments that UV light causes endorphin release, similar to the euphoric sensation associated with intense exercise commonly referred to as runner’s high’ or other pleasure-seeking behavior. Our study set out to find whether certain individuals, particularly those who classify themselves as frequent tanners, exhibit addictive behaviors toward tanning.” (

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