Dye Cast: God Damn America Day is June 21; Race Relations: All Bets Off

Is it just a Fever Dream? – Langston Hughes – Or, can it happen?

June 21st (1st day of Summer);
September 22nd (1st day of Fall);
December 21st (1st day of Winter);
March 20th (1s day Spring 2009);

This is now an official grassroots movement.

“God Damn America Day” is the opportunity for the people of the world who want to see America destroyed to cry out to God or Mother Nature and petition for America’s destruction.” Elohim Belial

The popularity for the proposed June 21st, 2008 “Don’t Speak to White People Day” has evolved out of its creator’s hands and is now officially dubbed: God Damn America Day.

On the heels of the controversial Sean Bell verdict, it is being hoped that black leaders across the nation including: Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan, Martin Luther King III, Yacub 13 X, Quanell X, Yeshua Baal, Julian Bond and Tom Joyner will support it.

A protest, though, doesn’t actually capture what this union hopes to accomplish. The hope is to accomplish exactly what the title suggests: God’s damning of white America.

But national black leaders and their organizations shouldn’t be the only elements in the black community who should champion God Damn America Day.

tracy ayers“It’s could be one of the biggest things in the rap community right now,” says one leading black music producer associated with UGK. “All the big names should be down with it and trying to get the message out on the community level: God Damn America.”

Current supporters say the biggest news concerning the Day is that new black spiritual leader Jesus Nigaros has already expressed support for it; and, will use the day to invoke the ancient Curse of the Fig Tree on the country.

The son of former Yacub 7 Ali spokesman, Lucifer Nigaros and leader of the New Nation of Light issued the following statement this morning: On June 21st, cast these pearls before the swine: ye have leaves but bear no fruit.

“Our father, who art in heaven has prepared a legion of angels to be released on all whom you curse. For our innocent imprisoned, God Damn America! For her abominations on the earth, God Damn America! For her poisoning our people with drugs, God Damn America! Verily I say unto you, among men who were born of women, there is no greater man than Jeremiah Wright who released these words and called for God’s great wrath against today’s Babylon.

Heretic black spiritual leader Elohim Belial proposed first proposed the day as an offering black believers in God would make to Him/Her and black pagans would make to Mother Nature in thanks for burning white people’s skin with Ultraviolet light and the new UV sciences that are enlightening black Americans. His hope? Along with reconciling himself and his followers to their parent group, from which they splintered from over a year ago, too, he hoped to solidify a new unity between blacks who believe in God and the growing new generation of black pagans.

To accomplish this, when Belial first proposed what became to be known as National White Out Day – a day when blacks wouldn’t speak to whites, he offered equal ownership of it to all black organizations wanting alliance.

Throughout new black America June 21, the first day of summer, is now reknown and celebrated for being the day the imafamous and scourged Yacub 7 Ali announced the begining of the begining of the National Curfew for Whites.

The Curfew ushered a new era of sciences and knowledge throughout black America; and, the sciences of Ultraviolet light, developed by Ali, spawned a new generation of black splinter movements.

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