Busted: Channon Christian's Family Owned African American Slaves?

Wow! Knoxville, Tennesse is hot! While the days here have been in the mid to low 70s and the nights in the mid 50s, the mild weather doesn’t reflect the temperatures of its residents who are split along racial lines behind the illegal arrests and charges against the Knoxville5, who are black, and the deaths of two white college students from semi affluent families.

It’s not quite Jena, La.; but, in terms of the perversions taking place by the criminal justice system here, it’s close.

While the local media portray the student’s deaths as a carjacking gone wrong, a long running Ghetto Bragging Rights investigation finds the two students, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, were most likely buying drugs and soliciting sex from black male thug-prostitutes.

While many questions remain unanswered, like: how many times was Channon’s ATM card used throughout the course of the night and what, if any, type of footage is seen on ATM camaras and why wasn’t Eric Boyd, the first of the Knox5 to face an illegal trial and be illegally convicted, allowed to read a statement he prepared before the court, the issue of whether the Christian family profited directly or indirectly from the African American Slave Trade has surfaced.


Knoxville and East Tennessee held a unique position in the Confederacy. Although Tennessee voted to join the Confederacy, East Tennessee remained throughout the war staunchly Unionist. To complicate matters, Knoxville was a blend of Union and Confederate supporters.

This combination would ensure that Knoxville and East Tennessee saw their share of political and military fighting during the Civil War.

Knoxville was the home of one of the most intense Union supporters, William Brownlow, editor of the Knoxville Whig newspaper. Even after Tennessee voted to join the Confederacy, Brownlow kept up his attack on the Confederacy and its leaders. Finally the Confederates imprisoned Brownlow, later forcing him into exile outside of Tennessee where he lectured and wrote to further the cause of the Union. After the war he was elected governor of Tennessee. Civil War in Knoxville

Black Victims of White Lynch Mobs by State, 1882-1930

Florida/ 212; Tennessee/ 174; Arkansas/ 162; Kentucky/ 118; North Carolina/ 75

To the fore, it is my understanding the GBR is currently making efforts to contact the Christian family to ask them to disclose whether they owned African slaves during the Slave Trade or if their families profited indirectly from it.

from Knoxville, Sleugh Crooks


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10 Responses to Busted: Channon Christian's Family Owned African American Slaves?

  1. goose says:

    HOLY SHIT! Alert the newspapers! White folks in the south profited from slaves at one point! Now we’re in the here and now, and the descendants of said slaves are running around killing themselves and others.

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  3. Monica says:

    “LeLifeW/NoParole” Cobbins is not sexy. He is a monster!
    Can anyone today help what happened 100 years ago?
    Of course not. You are just a jackass.

    • Monica says:

      They had slaves. And? Well…
      Okay. Let’s say they DID own slaves…. What then? We’re sorry. Please torture and rape our daughter with a savage object?~ MY ASS! Cobbins should have DEATH for his crimes!
      If it were me, my dad would KILL THEM!

      • underprivilegedjournalism says:

        The entire “white world” profited and still reaps benefits from both that slave trade and the concept of white supremacy. Therefore, the entire white world owes.

        You’re not sorry. You are as reprobate, consciousless, heartless and injsut as your disease minded forefathers.


        • George_Eliot says:

          Not near as heartless as Latalvis Cobbins; Lemaricus Davidson; Eric Boyd…. and the two known as Vanessa and George…

          they want their moment of fame….. they have it….. they have it as scumlike beasts who have no heart…. no compassion…

          and for the record….. I have not oppressed anybody…. nor have my ancestors…. that was a southern thing… mine come from the other side of the nation… you want to call us heartless and demonic? read the hatred that YOU worship!

          Channon and Chris did nothing wrong… and until you provide evidence that they were “partying” . You are as equally scum as the RAPISTS themselves.

      • underprivilegedjournalism says:

        monica i hate yo momma yo daddy yo sista yo cuzzin yo bruddas cuzzin and yo neighbors yo grass yo trees yo vanarial disease u got from over seas fuk u fuk u fuk u and remeber to keep yo light saver clean says leonard washington quit scorchin da earf and just trim da hedges naw -ut- im- sayin o n get da soap out yo but and get a warsh cloff

  4. Tanisha says:

    This is a totally disgusting site and should be shut down. I find this worthless and a place for people to be ghetto. Yet, if the white world were to have a website and have anything as repugnant as this, they would be not only shut down but probably sued by some stupid minority screaming “racism”. Pathetic…

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      tanisha whites get by everyday with their wrong doings and walk hand n hand with the devil doing the work of the devil and if u havent already heard whites owned our forefathers and miss treated them in a little thing i like to call slavery so believe what you will but deep down inside you know that the black man is mistreated i’d like to take this time and break it down fo u da black man b mistreated everytime i turn aound one of us is gettin beated turn back around and anotha niggas bleedin u white demon hypocrits need to stop da life u b leadin i luv my life as a vagina beater ass hloe eater i luv my shit skin and nasty kin we go to jail den do it again and dats when uh huh dats when i say if u look u will find me time after time if u fall i will b waitin time after time i will b watin nigga hoe bitch skank slut scally wops hoola hoops and poop shoots i luv ass that luvs my skin flute yall know im to cute to poot yea i luv fruit to put n my soup i never used fruit fo what it couldnt do stickin it n my poop shoot tryin to stimulate my peek achoo ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh that demon semen ahhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhawwwwwwughhhh warning stay away from wall street dem niggers got vd dat doctors never seen its okay im a nigger do not fear me just hand me your purses and children or if u got a joint dat ill do nawutumsayin

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