1st National "Don't Speak to White People Day" Gains Momentum

sterling_coleman_bole.jpgWith many white nationalist saying they wouldn’t care if black people ever spoke to them again, the first National Don’t Speak to White People Day gained momentum, this week, with reports that several major black organizations may be signing off on the Idea.

The idea is the brain child of Outsted Yacub 7 Ali minister Elohim Belial. This week, Belial reportedly presented his agenda to several national black organizations such as the Nation of Islam, the National Black Anarchists, the NAACP and the Black Christian Association.


“Let black people nationwide and near and far recognize June 21st, 2008 (the first day of summer) as the first national Don’t Speak to White People Day. And, why should blacks observe a day of not speaking to white people?” He asked.

“It is necessary because we are wed to She and He who expects us to continue our recognition of the great work done with sunlight that demonstrates the separation between the races,” Belial says.

“How do we know the we have entered the new era of God where, as Sterling Coleman, the author of the Book of Life says: sins are no longer forgiven and prayers are no longer heard?” Belial asks. “Yet in this transitional stage between the Bible’s expiration and the Book of Life’s inception, we can turn to words offered by Jesus stating:

for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.


– Sleugh Crooks

God’s words are known by His actions. For the same light falling on the evil verses the good are no more. Today, God’s holy light discriminate between us blacks and those whites; and, his holy light burns the skin of the race He regards as unjust. By this we know the era of the Bible hath expired and that we are to look forward to the future.

“We have entered the era when we are not to love our neighbors as we love ourselves! We have entered the era when we may no longer turn the other cheek. Do you remember when God hated us for our sin. Cast us out of Heaven and suffered us to endure this trial upon the earth as powerless vessels before a creation more more despicable than us? We must recognize God’s favor has changed, now; and celebrate the works of God of today. Will I now not make a joyful noise unto the Lord that He has made my enemy my footstool? Or, will my joyful noise be louder. As God has turned the face of his light away from white people, we must turn our faces from him too. Shall the black man mock God too, now?”

Using one day to silence ourselves from white people is symbolically speaking to God.”

Some blacks, however, want to use the day for greater purposes.

“The first day of summer has value for the People of the Light,” says self acknowledged evil scientist Dr. Yakub 666.

“As Lucifer allowed us to begin the enforcement of the National Curfew for Whites, last summer. This Summer we will honor the continuance of the Curfew, the spike in melanoma and skin disorder in whites since its beginning, the ascension of the honorable Yacub 7 Ali whose science taught us how to spot whites and, I say, this June 21st let us begin the symbolic slaughter of the Hypigcken.”

Written in Sterling Coleman’s The Book of Life, The Slaughter of the Hypigcken preeceded the end of the white man’s reign. The nature of symbolic sacrifice was made known to the public, this week, when anti black poverty champ St. Nicolas Thief, reportedly, slew a dog, chicken and pig in Knoxville, Tennesse in protest over the conviction of alleged carjacker Eric Boyd.

“The opening of the ozone layer symbolizes the opening of the flood gates of the hate of God for the white race,” Belial says. “Who am I not to hate the white man when the Sun of God hates him.”

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