Lemaricus: His Face Glows with the Aurora of the Christ (FLASHBACK)

lemaricus_britney_remix1.jpg“The only way he’d be more popular is if he’d robed, raped & killed Britney Spears” Kirkland Perkins

“Lemaricus didn’t have to rape any woman. Any woman he wanted he could have,” Knoxville Ghetto Bragging Rights member –

“It’s been 7 months since he’s held it, but the #1 spot is his again.
Bumping Savannah, Georgia’s legendary slave avenger, Michael Thorpe, to the #2 position and his own brother, Letalvis Cobbins into 3rd place, Knoxville’s Lemaricus Davidson, the man whose face glows with the aurora of the Christ, is America’s Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon!
“He already had a legnthy record and noteable thug reputation,” a source from within the Knoxville District Attorney’s office who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.
“So, the alleged robbery, kidnapping, rape and murder of Channon Christian and sodomy of her alleged boyfriend Christopher Newsom, were huge notches under his belt.”
In an attempt to quell Davidson’s local popularity and growing national celebrit(ism) emerging in many urban communities, state prosecutors announced plans to prosecute the sexy ringleader in the fatal double carjacking case third on the trial list and lead the prosecution of the case against them with his, also sexy, younger brother, Letalvis Cobbins.
Cobbins, who recently held possession of the #1 position in Kirkland Perkins Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights competition for three consecutive weeks, is also enjoying a great deal of new ghetto celebrity from the January carjacking, kidnapping, rape and murder he is charged in.

“Davidson has managed to fuse his brash thuggism with a new spirituality that embraces elements of Islam, Yacub 7 Ali Sun Worship and Tupac Shakur.
“He’s arrogant but approachable.
“Everybody wants a chance to talk to him.

“When you pass by him it’s hard to look at him. There’s so much light.

“His face glows with the aurora of the Christ.”

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7 Responses to Lemaricus: His Face Glows with the Aurora of the Christ (FLASHBACK)

  1. tdwhitney says:

    That thuggish nasty piece of shit will be killed in prison and burn in hell. He’s a cowardly little piece of shit. He doesn’t know God and deserves to be raped to death, but maybe if he’s realy lucky, he’ll spend the rest of his life eating bad food and taking direction of guards. More likely, he’ll get the needle and then nobody will miss him (except a handful of wannabe gangster loser fucks), because he’s a despicable piece of worthless shit.

    If you seriously think what he did was a good thing, then you will burn in hell too, or maybe you forgot your meds again.

  2. tdwhitney says:

    funny how nobody else is reading or posting on your blog. maybe that’s because nobody gives a shit what you think dumb ass

  3. tdwhitney says:

    hey before I go – fuck you asshole

  4. tdwhitney says:

    angry black man loser fuck

  5. tdwhitney says:

    I must be bored, coming back here again.

    One more thought for your world class brain:

    Suppose this psychopathic “hero” of yours and ten of his best asshole buddies escape from prison and decide to torture, rape and kill your mother, father, aunt, uncle, and a maybe a 3-year-old niece or nephew or two.

    Now think that Channon Christian may have decided to get a Ph.D. at some point in her life and miraculously would have found a cure for Sickle-Cell Anemia. In case you’re too stupid to know this, Sickle Cell Anemia tends to be found in people of color. Or maybe, she would have decided to spend her life serving poor kids in Harlem, or helping the less fortunate in the India or the Sudan, where there’s the kind of poverty that you will never know about.

    Hmmm – now who’s the one reflecting God’s character and glory? Is it, A) the dead woman who did NOTHING wrong, or B) the idiot psychopath who happens to have dark skin? Hmmmm….. I wonder…

    Believe it or not, the color of your skin, or the size of your bank account has nothing to do with how good or bad of a person you are. It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you come from, or how much your parents make. You know Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, has given away billions of dollars to fight disease in Africa? That’s right, he’s helping the poor people (again, I’m talking about real poor people, not ghetto crybabies who do drugs, and rob little-old ladies – or rape and kill innocent people of another color – who actually would have lots of opportunity but choose instead to piss, moan, complain and commit crimes because they think they’re entitled to all kinds of stuff even though they really are just lazy, have never worked or strived for anything and have never developed any character, and probably will die unhappy). Yeah anyway, so he’s a privileged white guy. Ever heard of him? Hmmm, seems to me that he’s actually contributing something to truely needy people. While it’s really unlikely that your psychopathic loser friend will EVER do anything positive for the world. As in, the world is a much worse place because he was born. Kind of like Hitler, Mugabe, Pol-Pot, Sadaam Hussein, etc.

    Maybe you can stick that in your bong and smoke it for a while with whatever else you got in there…

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