Top5 Ghetto Bragging Rights Cars, Carjackers & Carjackings

Rob Pursley set out for dinner and to meet friends in his $54,000 BMW.

Cincinnati’s Bonafide Hustler Lonnie Webster

Lonnie Webster, is charged with shooting Rob Pursley, 28, 2006 Police believe the crime was random and Webster was attempting to steal Pursley’s BMW.

Eve Carson was sporting her 2005 $41,000 Toyota Highlander

Lawrence Lovette 2008 Ghetto Bragging Rights Young Guns Pick

Mar 5, 2008 Related Links. Archive: Eve Carson Homicide who saw Carson’s blue 2005 Toyota Highlander on Wednesday or Thursday to call them.

Channon Christion sported the pricey ($39,475.00) Toyota 4Runner met Sexy Lemaricus & Letalvis Davidson. Letalvis is featured below:

Ghetto Bragging Rights SuperThug Letalvis Cobbins

Christian’s parents found her abandoned Toyota 4-Runner two blocks away from the …. “Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian Brutally Murdered As The

Lauren Burk was only driving a 2001 Honda Accord…

Lauren Burk: All that Glitters isn’t White Privilege « digitalmonkeys

She wasn’t a bombshell blond, she drove a 2001 black Honda Civic and, Days later on March 4th, Auburn University student Lauren Burk was killed.

“While, historically, blacks tend to commit crimes out of necessity, white people commit them due to a hereditary psychological disorder, says racial psychologist and researcher Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs. This is why there are so many blacks incarcerated for quick money crimes like selling drugs and stealing cars, over 80% of serial killers and mass murderers are white. Often whites point out they blacks are more likely to become victims of blacks than blacks are of whites. “The answer is simple,” says rapper Criminally Insane, “White have nicer things.”

“It’s always exciting when underprivileged, black males strike out in anti poverty social action protest statements against the larger society and race who oppress them.” says Ghetto Bragging Rights publisher Kirkland Perkins. “It is instutionalized poverty they are striking out against. As many of them are destined to the penitentiary anyway, it is always better when the protests they engage in have social merit so they can get their honorable recognition too.”

What’s your carjacking dream ? There only four listed here. Get published & earn Ghetto Bragging Rights! From either the perspective of the carjacker or carjackee, submit your fantasy carjacking dream and be our 5th virtual victim or jacker! If your submission is the best, you’ll earn $25.00 worth of Ghetto Bragging Rights Credits!


White Trash VS White Privilege in Black on White Crime: Are Thugs Seeking $$$, Bragging Rights or Protesting Poverty?

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