Blacks consider invoking ancient Fig Tree Curse against all white America

The success of The Fig Tree Curse invoked, last night, against Knoxville, Tennesse’s whites for the illegal prosecution and conviction of the first of the Knoxville 5, already has many blacks asking nationwide whether it should be invoked against all white Americans.

“The big thing for people of color to know is that it is okay to give on America and not to believe she’ll get any better. America reached her peak for change in the racially turbulent era of the 1960s. White people proved to the emerging contemporary world, then, their desire to remain filled with racial perversion, hate & greed,” says author and journalist Waldorf Caruthers. All the ancient curses of the Bible are applicable to America and her whites now.

“American Whites Have Leaves But Bear No Fruit!”

“When I Pass By, Dry To the Root.”

“Now, this is an exciting time we live in! Holes in the Ozone continue to increase the amount of Ultraviolet light hitting the earth. While Global Warming’s killing off the Great White Polar Bear, the African Bees continue their migration West. There is nothing wrong in invoking the Curse of the Fig Tree nationwide.”

“No One Will Ever Eat From You Again.”

“As a matter of reference, we’re the first generation to be able to see the light at the end of the racial tunnel: white people’s extinction. For, it is the nation who will come after America, that we are in the transition to now, that will be the greatest and most honorable nation ever known to man. If you are not familiar with the Curse of The Fig Tree and the other curses the Bible makes available for the righteous to use against the wicked, Lucifer Nigaros’ Book of Curses is the right place to start.” – journalist & author Waldorf Caruthers

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10 Responses to Blacks consider invoking ancient Fig Tree Curse against all white America

  1. stacey4994 says:

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  2. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Stacey,
    Are you familiar with the Curse of the Fig Tree?
    Thanks for Stopping By –

  3. reg001mich says:

    Yes invoke the curse smite them devils its more than time!!

  4. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Of course we love, Regoo1mich!


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  7. deadforweeks says:

    Are you a huge nigger like me?

  8. jay says:

    I don’t understand this article. Is it that you choose not to have racial equality. My opinion is that no race is greater than another. If you have this belief that white america is what is causing all your problems then I pity you. I think you are a narrow minded person. Who seems to blame his misfortune on the “white devil”. With your comments you will ensure that there will always be racism, bigotry, and intolerance for any race other than your own. We are all underpriviled having to have the same struggles and fights as anyone else. I have no more status than any other man whether black or white.

  9. Ryan says:

    This is nothing but nigger bullshit. Africa is the only continent to never develop…why don’t you talk about that?

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