The Most Beautiful & the Most Powerful: Have You Seen White People's Skin Lately?


“The ones their own fellow whites voted their most powerful and most beautiful are both on fire,” minister Jacobi Ali laughed in his weekly network address. “White people themselves have called George Bush Jr the most powerful man in the world and Nicole Kidman the most beautiful woman in the world and God struck them both down with the skin plague He has reserved for those He despise.”

Ali, who spoke live before an audience of several thousand at the group’s Atlanta compound welcomed a new alliance between members of his organization, the NAACP, Black Hebrew Pagans, and Nation of Islam.

Bush and Kidman have both been diagnosed with and suffer from shameful melanomas.

“God’s targeting these two who whites elevated to idols demonstrates His power and represents things to come. Yes, God is foreshadowing and expects people of color to mock those He mocks.


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