Be American 1st, Human 2nd

It is a discouraging and troubling study. Americans place being American above being human. The study, taken by the GlasHaas Institute, sampled a representative population and posed questions to determine which value we consider more important, our citizenship to our country or our humanity to our planet. The finding, while healthy for patriotism, ignited a firestorm of critism aimed at the underlying psychology now apparent in our culture. “The international view of Americans in the contemporary era is that we are morally corrupt, conscienseless, greedy and selfish,” Gerur Frost of the American Ethics Association (AEA), the group that funded the study, stated; “and it would be fine, if that weren’t the case. But even when these base characteristics were included as variables within the study, Americans were okay with still being American first.” The AEA, a non profit and non partisan association, conducted the study between their calander year period of August 2005 and August 2006. The results were determined by sampling an aproximal percentage of the population by race, age and sexuality in each state.” It was an overwhelming task,” Frost noted. “But we had the talented people and proper resources to make it happen. The results, unfortunately demonstrate a tragic and frightening indictment about the citizens fortunate enough to bear the title of being in the country which can claim itself as: the only remaining superpower on the planet.


Ghost of Racist GI Haunts Haditha –

Iraqi wafarer steers children clear of beligerent spirit

Jubilee Brothers“It is the most terrible spirit,” says Abdul-Fataah, whose name means, Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance). Joshua Booth, of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, who had only been in Iraq for one month, was leading his platoon on foot through Haditha when, “VENGENCE IS MINE!” Allah struck.Yes, we beheld red, white, and blue blood trickle into the sand with stain.Yet, a most wicked spirit of a man rose from the tempered sands that day. ARTICLE

joke of the day:

What do you call a black, white and Mexican GI who strike a roadside bomb while securing freedom in Iraq?

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