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BREAKING: Knoxville Blacks Fight Boyd Conviction: Invoke Ancient Curse Smiting City’s Whites

Did Daphne Sutton, relative of top ranked Knoxville police officer Dennis R. Bible kill white nationalism’s black-on-white crime poster child Channon Christian?

Many in the Ghetto Bragging Rights community say the Knoxville police department and District Attorney’s office are engaged in a mass cover-up to illegally prosecute and convict young, black at-risk males of crimes they didn’t commit.

The attorney of new Ghetto Bragging Rights contentder Eric Boyd, Phil Lomonaco, also believes the State is involved in the alleged cover up.

Lomonaco insists that Sutton escaped prosecution because she, unlike Boyd, Davidson and three others implicated in the slayings, is white and the niece of Bible. (CONTINUED BELOW)


A single mother, Sutton, 22, testified Friday that she left Davidson the day before Christian and Newsom were kidnapped because he had abused her. She went to stay with a co-worker and her girlfriend.

Some street sources, however, say Sutton was into the rough stuff and liked Davidson’s abuse of her.

“She liked it and was into it,” one source says. “She was considered a hot piece when she was on the arm of Lemaricus. But everybody knew what she was into.”

In court Sutton says she did not mourn the broken relationship long. On the same day she left Davidson, she went out with a man she only identified as “Black” to “eat and hang out.” The following night, she had another date, this one ending in sex, she testified.

Another street sources who claims to be close to “Black” and the brother she had sex with the following night believes Sutton was Christian’s killer too. “The night Daphne saw Channon in her house, the fight started right then.”

“Brothers liked her because after Lemaricus broke her in, they knew she’d could handle all the things brothers like.”


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11 Responses to GhettoCandy SuperSexy DaphneSutton

  1. Pingback: “Daphne Sutton killed Channon Christian” « underprivilegedJournalism

  2. Your foolish attempt at false-flaggery is beneath even you.

  3. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    We reported over a year ago that Channon killed Christopher. Now, guess what: Daphne Sutton (a prosecution witness) under oath testifies that Channon did infact kill Christopher. This isn’t a false flag. It’s a cover-up; and, you are in denial.

    Your site looks like you did a redesign? Is that a new masthead? Also, I had a little time to read a little there. So, you hate blacks and gays? Is hate too strong a word? I drew that conclusion after reading your article about being in San Fransisco.

    Another thing, the piece on the erosion of the white population sounds like whining. Hate is the only thing that destroyed the white race. Nothing else is to blame: not even fear. Whites weren’t scared of blacks when they encountered us in Africa. The same hate whites had for others then, you appear to have today.


  4. There you go with your accusatory spin “You hate this , you hate that, you nasty hater you, you evilnaziracisthater” never addressing the actual, real problems that these ubiquitous and eternally oppressed and innocent ‘Others’ create. You go on with your spin cycle writing crap about Whites killing other Whites, everyone knows the truth about who killed those kids. I still don’t believe you are the opposition, though I don’t know what you are. It’s spelled ‘San Francisco’ by the way.

  5. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    That I am black doesn’t make me the opposition anyway. The only reason you are angry, SilentC is because of the racist system this nation was built on. One of the biggest that surprised me while reviewing your site, is that your article on white selfhatred. Can you imagine that: whites hating themselves…? WOW!

    Would you have sorrow for a race who built their empire on skin based superiority and oppression whose skin now burns in the sun and whose population is on the decline? Or would you feel they deserved it.

    From the vast empire of race based superiority to the day when they write of their own selfhatred.

    You all are increasingly sounding like those once *Great Africans* before their fall.

    SilentC, a prosecution witness testified under oath who killed Christopher. They (the prosecution) called her.

    It’s spelled San Phransisko, if I spell it that way.

    Anyway, it is always good exchanging with you. You can write.


  6. Doc Holliday says:

    White folks are not racists, we just do not like niggers. Its not just a hobby, its a way of life! So get over it and eat some mo waddamellon, that will keep ya off da streets and yaz wonts be killed by the white folks.

  7. Mr. Roach says:

    This website is beneath contempt.

    PS Stupid conspiracy theories are usually the province of little minds, typically without much education.

  8. letalbis says:

    I agree with the poster above who said whites are not racist.

    We just dont like negros.

    You know, a negro is not fully human. If you read your bible you will see that there are humans…or man, then there are the birds and the fishes and the creatures of the wild and then there are the farm animals and then there are the “beasts of the field” who are animals but they are made in the image of man and can communicate with god and man.

    Many passages in the bible to confirm this.

    Beasts of the field were like a go between between man and the beasts of burden or farm type animals and beasts of the field also performed more delicate tasks that farm animals could not perform.

    Killing a negro is about the same as killing a possum or a dog. It isnt a sin in the eyes of god.

    I dont why some folks in this world consider a negro a human and want him to have the same rights as man.

    “IF” I hit a little negro kid with my truck I would simply be pisses because I would have to make a trip to the carwash.

    “IF” I left nearly full bottles of liquor in my car while parked in black areas and had replaced most of the contents with deadly wood alcohol and some darkie stole the bottle drank it and died…I would consider myself successfull at ridding this world of another useless beast that should have been killed off with the advent of the tractor and the importation of the mexican.

    Negro aint good for nothing.

  9. letalbis says:

    I have not seen Daphne with her new baby. She was pregnant from the beast lemaricus when he was caught yet Daphne has not been seen with the half breed scrog and never was seen showing her pregnancy.

    I guess Lemaricus davidsons offspring ended up in a damn dumpster with a bunch of other half breed scrogs

    Nothing wrong with abortion unless the child is fully human and as I stated in my previous comment, a negro is not quite fully human.

    In a dumpster, where any offspring of a negro belongs. At least the rats get a good meal

  10. Sara Weston says:

    Are you serious I thought as I watched the defense lawyers in these trials they were grasping at straws. People like you disgust me when is the black population is going to get over the fact that they have been victimized by the so-called white devils. I am white and I have many black friends they are not ignorant nor are they victims of their childhood….Lemaricus and Letalvis are part of the thug life alright just one more statistic of the poor concept that black men are victims the only victims in this case were Christian and Newsom all the others Thomas, Coleman, Davidson, Cobbins and Boyd arein cages just like the other animals. Thank God hopefully all you idiot people will join them soon…prison is too good for you.

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