Eve Carson Couldn't Have Been Killed by a Better N-Word than Lawrence

“These are the ghetto’s new Titans,” – Julius Perkins

Nobody would have thought North Carolina brothers would have stepped to the plate the way they have, says new Ghetto Bragging Rights editor Julius Perkins. Perkins is referencing the top line of heroic Robin Hood like thugs emerging from the To Be Rather Than to Seem state. “North Carolina is only one quarter black, but the blacks who are relegated to the state’s institutional poverty there have embraced its motto: Esse quam videri (To be, rather than to seem) and are demanding there recognition.”

Who’s North Carolina’s hottest celebrity Ghetto Black Male Felon? “There’ s no doubt,” says a Durham Ghetto Bragging Rights community member. “His name is Lawrence Lovette Jr! Love profiling in his new ride set the ‘hood on fire! Every nigaro on the block is trying to strike a profile like that!”

The new history of the new generation of North Carolina thugs, some say, starts with Michael Currie Graham. Graham, who was nominated as for the Sexiest Young Thug award is currently awaiting trial for the robbery and slaying of Fayetteville’s Emily Haddock. Many in the GBR community hold Graham in high regard for choosing not rape Haddock although it is allegedly what the girl wanted.

Amid a quandry of other GBR potentials who have surfaced in the state, along came Lawrence Lovette, Stephen Oates and Demario Atwater. Lovette, whose popularity among some GBR members is already rated at Lemaricus Davidson levels, has almost dwarfed Currie in regional popularity.

“I believe Lovette’s popularity has grown so rapidly for three reasons,” Perkins says. “First of all, the profile of him sporting Eve Carson’s 2005 Toyota Hylander quickly became a GBR favorite. Secondly, there were some suggestions that Eve Carson’s family may have owned slaves. The mere suggestion caused ripples in the GBR standings nationwide with some even elevating Lovette to the Michael Thorpe level. Finally, his clean cut appeal and sweetheart personality touched the hearts of thousands. For example, before turning himself in, he updated his MySpace page with a new set of photographs that could be used for promotional purposes. And, even his lawyer, Karen Bethea-Shields, has spoken politely about his demeanor: Lovette was a smart person and “is probably one of the nicest clients I’ve had in a long time. He was living with his mother and was going to return to school before he was arrested on the murder charges.

All these factors combined speak to Lovette’s character, integrity and genuity.

“He’s no fraud,” said North Carolina rapper and artist Criminally Insane. “He’s the real thing. All the niggas in the hood love him. Eve Carson couldn’t have been killed by a better person.”

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