Was Channon Christian one of Lemaricus' white girls?

BREAKING: Knoxville Blacks Fight Boyd Convicton: Invoke Ancient Curse Smiting City’s Whites

Was Channon Christian just another of sexy Ghetto Bragging Rights superstar Lemaricus Davidson’s white girls?

According to a long running GBR street investigation, she may have been.

Channon allegedly met Lemaricus at a dance where she wanted to freak dance with some dangerous black males.

In the house were both Lemaricus & Letalvis Davidson.

“With Lemaricus in front and Letalvis behind her, Channon put it down.

She wanted to prove that she could go,” one source says.



Did Channon Christian Date Black Males?


“In order to get the invite back to join them on Chipman street that’s the way it had to go down.”

“Lemaricus is the kind of brother who can have any white woman he wants. He’d already been through a number of Knoxville’s uppercrust white girls and had a choice white girl already on his arm at the time he and Channon were suppose to hook-up,” another Knoxville Ghetto Bragging Rights source says.

Lemaricus’ reputation of pulling white females came to ahead, this week, when Knoxville Criminal Trial Specialist Phil Lomonaco accused the U.S. Attorney’s Office and law enforcement of letting another of Lemaricus’ white girlfriends, identified as Daphne Sutton, walk away scot-free.

The Davidson brothers, both of whom with qualifying prior criminal histories, first rose to Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights celebrity after the January slayings.

With the trial of Eric Boyd now under way, Ghetto black male celebrity felon and anti black poverty champ St. nicolas Thief is said to be be coordinating a 2nd Knoxville Carjacker party to raise defense and commissary funds for the defendants.

In May 2007, Thief’s efforts to raise defense and commissary funds for the defendants reportedly
raised a little over $7,000.


Eric “Dwayne” Boyd Earns Ghetto Bragging RIghts

Eric ‘Dwayne’ Boyd, is now the fourth of the Knoxville carjackers to rise to Ghetto Black Male Felon celebrity status and be honored with the Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights.

His fellow co-defendants: Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins both ranked as early as Februrary in the Ghetto Bragging Rights competitions for their alleged roles in the January 2007 slaying of Christian and her boyfriend, Timothy Newsom. In late July, the third carjacker, George Thomas, received the qualifying number of votes and was awarded the Rights. But, now, with the firey courtroom challenge to the parents Channnon Gail Christian telling them to “Bring It Own,” Boyd struck-a-chord with many in the GBR community who weren’t familiar with him and made a bold entrance into the competitions .

“Boyd’s always been the quiet one in the bunch,” a Knoxville GBR member states. “But on the block he goes just as hard as Lemaricus. Anyway, to even run with that clique, you had to have a certain street reputation anyway. Couldn’t just anybody hang out with Lemaricus and Letalvis. “

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55 Responses to Was Channon Christian one of Lemaricus' white girls?

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  2. Buckwheat says:

    “All niggers must fucking hang.”

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:


      “All niggers must fucking hang.”

      Blah, blah, blah…. .

      It amazes me & this community that whites still use “nigger” as though they can offend with it. It’s like, since your erosion of power, your last (desperate) straw.

      From slave masters to name callers: that’s quite a fall.

      Anyway, thanks for taking time to leave comments. They are always welcomed.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  3. Big Fella says:

    Big tough Rapper, “streets thug” . He sure is a tough guy……He was arrested while CRYING, and then in interrogation was CRYING again !! It’s on film guys.,….he’s one tough hombre….or should I say Pansie.

  4. Karl Kenneth Kartwright says:

    I’m sorry we said the n-word. I also happen to know that Slaughter Lightfoot is the pen name for Bernard Willis— a skinny, zit-faced kid from Peoria, Illinois. Oh, and who also happens to be white. So much for your worship of faggot nigger rapists. Ghetto-hard, g!!

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      I usually don’t use contrite Internet phrases like “you’re an idiot” and am resisting the urge now, but….

      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Karl Kenneth Kartwright says:

    Do you really–no bullshit here—advocate rape and murder? What else is on the table? Are you registered as a sex offender, or do you just think like one? Even convicts live by a code that you apparently can’t. But maybe you’re public in how you feel on these subjects. Can’t imagine it making your folks all that proud. And if whites deserve to die for their ‘crimes’, how infinitely more so do blacks for their disproportionate numbers of the SAME crimes? Your heart must truly be dead if you want a woman raped, tortured and killed—I call that a profound mental issue that you should seek help for. I don’t wish that on a woman of any race, even from a bunch of low-life blacks. Like Vanessa Coleman, which would be all Cobbins and Davidson could get without a weapon…

  6. mar says:

    Fu@#ing scum if that was my daughter or son who were raped and killed I would have to do the same plenty of niggers to do it to there not even human just fuc%king niggers there is no justest in this world that would satisfy me the only justest is street justest Id start with there parents make them swallow hooks on 100 lb test line then pull on the line and drag them around until there guts come out of the mouth.And those fuc@ing niggers are still alive what a fu@king joke!! Id go after there family and listen to them squeal

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      You’re either so angry you’ve forgotten how to spell or you rode the short bus to the special school every day of your life.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • KC-JOE=KC NOT JOE says:

        o you savage bitch like anyone cares what you think compared the savagery of your own kind it doesnt matter if he did ride the short bus that dont mean he cant kick your ass i would ride the short bus b4 turning to the activities you have such as fucking dogs and all the other crap you confess upon this site

  7. Monica says:

    Told you buddy!

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Hi Monica,
      I’m not sure. Did we (you & I) debate over whether Letalvis would be found guilty?


  8. aryan overlord says:

    you and your niggers should assimilate or motherfucking migrate, maybe to liberia or somewhere your dumbass could be the majority, that way you could quit your motherfucking whining and definig yourself by your skin tone. you and yours are pathetic nigger punk bitch motherfuckers, and you should all rot in hell with the whores who bore you (to clarify for your dumbass, i’m talkin’ bout yo momma, bitch). next nigger i see on the street, i’m gonna run over. his blood is on your black lazy thieving hands. too bad you cant find some damn cotton to pick

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Aryan Overlord,
      Good to hear from you. Is the automobile you’re going to run niggers down in the street in the only thing you’re overlord over these days? “Aryan Overlord.” Looking at the legacy your forefathers left you, they’d be ashamed and embarrassed. Aryan Overlord whose plantation is his car.


      • KC-JOE=KC NOT JOE says:

        o god if i was aryan i would be devistated devistated i say why do you bother responding when you have response like these when i respond deny all you want but it gets somewhere and makes other who see them laugh at you for the joke you are but hell you gotta try i guess while your at it get a job!!

  9. aryan overlord says:

    whites still own niggers, by the way. we just dont make your black asses pick cotton anymore. we tell you where to live. how to get to where you go. what to eat. all you have to do is vote for the right white man, and occasionally make a little noise. so, little man, while you may celebrate some nigger killing those better than you, i can enjoying knowing that no nigger will ever be anything without the help of a white man. you cant live, eat, go to college, get a loan, fuc k, you cant even make a dollar off basketball without the white man’s dollar. you, my sorry sad ass, ugly black bitch, will always be a nigger, and you will always be less, until we fully evolve away from you and your kind

  10. Monica says:

    You found him INNOCENT and made up a sorry assed story…. You know!

  11. st anger says:

    And Shepherds we shall be

    For thee, my Lord, for thee.

    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand

    Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

    And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

    In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.”

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      St. Anger,
      Your “father in heaven” is invisible. His hand is invisible. His commands are the wicked thoughts of your own heart.

      Thank you for the poetry.


  12. st anger says:

    How’s your faith these days?

    You don’t have to believe…to suffer

    Believe The Words. Beware The Message. Behold The Truth.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. According to the Yakub Muslims, it, faith, is for mankind (white people). Man, then, places his “belief” in that which is seen i.e. “The Sun of God.”

      You don’t have to believe…to suffer

      “Ultraviolet Light is the fire of the 2nd rapture of the Sun of God. Lakes of Fires is the Ultraviolet Light that consumes the superior flesh of mankind,” Yakub Muslim minister Jacobi Ali.

      No, you are right, you do not have to believe to suffer.

      Believe The Words. Beware The Message. Behold The Truth.

      In this community “white” and “truth” are oxymorons.

      Your beautiful words condemn the hypocrite who has betrayed righteousness all the days of his existence.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

  13. st anger says:

    Now you will receive us.
    We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry. We do not want your tired and sick.
    It is your corrupt we claim.
    It is your evil that will be sought by us.
    With every breath we shall hunt them down.
    Each day, we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skies.
    Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal, these are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.
    These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behavior and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.
    There are varying degrees of evil, we urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over, into true corruption, into our domain.
    For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see us.

    And on that day, you will reap it.
    And we will send you to whatever god you wish.

  14. Rob UK says:

    When I first came across this site I assumed that it was satirical I still hope that it is.

    However if its not I do understand that the black race is proven both by academic studies and their own historic and contemporary lack of meaningful achievement ( including the ridiculous and hilarious lies peddled during black history month) to be mentally inferior to the white race .. in fact to every other race.

    For the African to lionise islam while denigrating Western Civilisation and the White race that created it because of slavery is perverse for many reasons. Firstly slavery was a form of economic organistaion that has existed for millenia and was only brought to end by two organisations both where white. The Royal Navy worldwide and the Union Army in the USA.

    In spite of the efforts of the Royal Navy slavery still existed in some countries well into the 20th century in fact in African states black slave masters still practice it like they did for the ages past before the advent of colonialism. The countries it continued in where overwhelmingly islamic/arabic states where as in African states it has been practiced thousands of years. In fact the majority of African slaves went east rather than west. Those that did go to the states around 90% survived those that went with the arabs where not so fortunate. They suffered castration and other tortures and had around an 85% mortality rate. These slaves include whites and other races so you as a race are on no way special because you experienced slavery.

    The idea that black Africa somehow lost out because of colonisation ignores the legacy that the White Man left the Africans. A legacy which the African did not contribute to. Modern cities , medicine , the rule of law, modern agricultural practices , railroads , power grids, roads, educational establishments, the list goes on and its a long one. Africa is in bad way now because of Africans. You need the white man for civilisation you have proven that as a race are not capable of maintaining one never mind pushing one forward.

    Another interesting fact concerns Ethiopia; under Halle Salasie. Ethopia was never colonised and slavery was still legal until 1935 when Halle Salasie outlawed it for sole reason of gaining entrance to the League of Nations and no other. To spell it out White Men helped bring slavery to an end in Ethiopia as well.

    Another amusing feature of these posts are the meaningless slogans spouted in reply to some posters.

    “Ultraviolet Light is the fire of the 2nd rapture of the Sun of God. Lakes of Fires is the Ultraviolet Light that consumes the superior flesh of mankind,” Yakub Muslim minister Jacobi Ali. .. utter stupidity

    White people do suffer from skin cancer in the same way that blacks suffer from various conditions when they come to the northern hemisphere. Its down to a process called evolution also discovered by a white man. And again why do you lionise a society that had no interest in you apart from as a slave for millenia.

    Even your current empowerment was bequeathed to you by Whites yet you continue to hate an entire race to such an extent that you will crow over the tourture, rape and murder of two its members.

    Unfortunately the dream of peacefull co-existence between our races has failed. This even with the Left wing subversion of our White nations and cultures. This even with the constant political , social and financial support of the black man by Western nations and societies . You still fail and take your failure out or blame it on all those around you.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      Thanks for your comments. The flaw in your thinking and, thus, conclusions are that they are based in the flawed concepts of Western science.

      Your foundation is cracked.

      You said: Its down to a process called evolution also discovered by a white man.

      The white race is not even a part of evolution. You were created through the grafting of genes.

      Your kind has thoughtlessly believed the lies that brought you forth to your destruction. It’s no surprise you believe them today.

      Slaughter Lightfoot

      • Rob UK says:

        Lightfoot I have read your post and the link and while its entertaining I fear that your kind has thoughtlessly believed the lies of the equality industry concerning the capabilities of people like yourself.

        Maybe you could describe the methodology of your black “science”

        • underprivilegedjournalism says:


          You said: your kind has thoughtlessly believed the lies of the equality industry concerning the capabilities of people like yourself.

          There must be a surge Ultraviolet Light today for your perverted narcissism to have peaked to the utterance of that statement.

          It’s best you stick with your beloved and adored Western science and your superior skin that is easily consumed by light.


  15. Rob UK says:

    Perhaps your superior intellect could :-

    describe the methodology of your black “science”

    or perhaps not?

  16. underprivilegedjournalism says:


    You said:

    Another amusing feature of these posts are the meaningless slogans spouted in reply to some posters.

    “Ultraviolet Light is the fire of the 2nd rapture of the Sun of God. Lakes of Fires is the Ultraviolet Light that consumes the superior flesh of mankind,” Yakub Muslim minister Jacobi Ali. .. utter stupidity

    That you dismiss what you don’t know about as “utter stupidity” indicates the level of trust you put in your coveted Western science … the science of the superior white skin.

    You don’t need a description of the new but ancient black sciences. You deserve to stew in the perverse narcissism apparent in your comments.

    Why can you imagine someone of mental inferiority as myself attempting to explain anything to a white man as yourself?

    It’s better to have evolved from apes or to have been made by an invisible god than to be made by niggers, right?


    • Rob UK says:


      I’m not asking for a description of black science just a description of its methodology. While I agree with you that we are fundamentally different I put that difference down to an observable phenomenon , one that also backs up other observable and provable phenomenon, evolution.

      While you are correct that dark skin provides more protection against UV light( up to 13 times more) it does not mean that black people cant or don’t get skin cancer. This perception that ‘blacks don’t get skin cancer’ leads to higher mortality rates. unless of course these figures are just more lies from ‘the man’… eh slaughter.

      Just what is your argument Slaughter?
      That the white man has a calcified pineal gland , which he doesn’t, that blacks don’t get skin cancer which they clearly do and that black science is superior , yet from what I’ve seen its describes nothing and produces nothing apart from some insane views that are posted up on websites.

      Enlighten me Slaughter

      • underprivilegedjournalism says:

        I’m not asking for a description of black science just a description of its methodology. While I agree with you that we are fundamentally different I put that difference down to an observable phenomenon , one that also backs up other observable and provable phenomenon, evolution.

        I think the point is you’re asking one who you clearly feel is mentally inferior. But you’re asking. It’s not enough that you ascended yourself and your race so high that you’ve never looked outside it or it’s asinine racial conclusions to discover >the truth about your weak flesh; but to then present yourself as superior, based upon your race’s flawed concepts, and to have to ask another to share knowledge you don’t know about (because of your on perverted narcissism) is laughable.

        While you are correct that dark skin provides more protection against UV light( up to 13 times more)

        Only in Western science does the EUmelanin only provide protection against UV up to 13 percent. To show to you a greater example of your flawed science, EUmelanin does not provide (what you and Western science) call protection against UV Light. Rather EUmelanin is (a) UV Light enabler.

        it does not mean that black people cant or don’t get skin cancer. This perception that ‘blacks don’t get skin cancer’ leads to higher mortality rates. unless of course these figures are just more lies from ‘the man’… eh slaughter.

        Only in Western science do blacks and people of color get what you call “skin cancer.” Outside of Western science, for those who develop tumors on places of our bodies that don’t get enough UV Light (a fact your corrupt science has been forced to publish) the condition is refered to as something completely different.

        Just what is your argument Slaughter?

        I don’t have an argument. I have proven facts supported by experiments conducted outside of your corrupted science. Because your science was built to support theories that your skin color was superior, you have arguments.

        the white man has a calcified pineal gland , which he doesn’t

        Only in Western science is your Pineal Gland fluid. In fact, documentation watches your science manipulate the findings of your hardened Pineal Gland as understanding of its functions have come into knowledge. How convenient.

        that blacks don’t get skin cancer which they clearly do

        Again, only in your MAJESTIC Western science… .

        Enlighten me Slaughter

        Ha! Imagine someone like me enlightining one of your position. I wouldn’t even dare to try sir.


    • Rob UK says:

      ‘asinine racial conclusions’ such as the third eye of the black man .. conclusions like that ?

      What has your science achieved slaughter where are its theories that can be tested and applied. I think a term like muti would be a better than science for what you believe in because that is all it is subjective belief.

      Yes white people get skin cancer so do blacks yes levels of eumelanin differ between the two groups but that’s is due to environment driven evolution eumelanin is mainly a ‘colourant’. There are many types of melanin the studies that produced these results use a methodology that can be applied to many different disciplines further more the knowledge gained has been applied in the development of products that work with in the real world they are effective because they observe natural laws or phenomenon.

      Slaughter It seems that is not so much you wouldn’t dare to try to enlighten me you are dressing up deficiency as virtue. You don’t know the methodology because there is none. Your black science has achieved nothing because it fails to understand the world around it , In fact it doesn’t even try it is just pseudo-scientific window dressing for your hate a hate rooted in your own races failure in comparison to the achievements of Western Civilisation. I could be wrong of course if I am explain it to me , what is its methodology and what are its achievements?

      The links where once again very entertaining.. Thank you

      Furthermore I said 13 times not 13 percent and melanin is a photoprotectant although that is not the only role it plays.

      • underprivilegedjournalism says:

        You believe in a science whose roots are in the superiority of the color of your skin and, in all the days of your life, never once sought to look outside of it. Now against a proven science you’ve never heard of, you use the findings of your historically bias science evidence to the contrary.

        You wonder why I had no inclination to share methodology? It’s not due to lack of one or, as you state a deficiency. It’s not only b/c you don’t deserve to know and do deserve to stew in the flaws of your own ignorance.

        Western science didn’t begin studying the differences in Eu vs Phaeo Melanin until the late 1940s.

        The true knowledge of the real effect of Ultraviolet Light on your entire being (not just skin) is ancient and discussed in both the Bible and the Koran.

        The missing piece of the puzzle, the aggressive use of the 3rd eye i.e. the single point at which the vision of the two eyes focuses was hidden and lost knowledge and was not revealed until by master Yakub 7 Ali (before his ascension).

        Albeit I don’t know what you’d expect your superior Western science to say, being its roots are in the superiority of the color of your skin, it (the 3rd Eye science of the Yakub Muslims) has been proven and tested.

        Stick with being white and superior, Rob. It’s gotten you where you are today.


  17. Rob UK says:

    Were am I today slaughter ? Do you mean sitting at computer talking to you over the internet… you probably know where this is going ..

    Slaughter, after wading your last post, what your really saying if you don’t know I’m not going to tell you .. ok very mature.

    LOL .. Slaughter I’m more sure than ever this site has been set up for the sole purpose off making blacks look stupid.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      You said: Slaughter, after wading your last post, what your really saying if you don’t know I’m not going to tell you .. ok very mature.

      Are you familiar with Gill Scott Heron & The Revolution Will Not Be Televised?

      Additionally you said: LOL .. Slaughter I’m more sure than ever this site has been set up for the sole purpose off making blacks look stupid.

      Blacks looking stupid in eyes of Rob. Imagine that.

      The airs of the perverted narcissism you took on from your corrupt and reprobate forefathers is apparent in every sentence you finish.

      Thanks for finishing so many of them and demonstrating what we all know is within you.


  18. Rob UK says:

    And Slaughter Science isn’t based on the colour of any ones skin it based on a method.

    • underprivilegedjournalism says:

      No Rob,
      You mean since the weaknesses of your skin have come into the age that they can’t be denied, science isn’t based on the colour of skin.

      Again, that’s convenient. It’s interesting to watch your esteemed Western science shift to suit the discoveries of the day.

      Your attempts to goad information about true sciences are shallow. Ironically, that matches some of the physical characteristics we’ve already discussed about you.

      Why, I can’t even imagine you having an extended exchange/conversation like this with someone whose obviously (in your own words) mentally inferior.

      I knowse, u mus be humering us colored folk! Us b so grateful!


  19. Pissed Off in Lenoir City says:

    Anyone of those animals had EVERY opportunity to stop this crime from happening! I don’t care what supposedly transpired prior to the time of their death! Any decent person couldn’t dream of doing something like this! Apparently none of these people had any decency about them and they should all get the death penalty! And Davdison had already been in prison for carjacking but that stupid fucking Judge Baumgartner, I can’t even believe he wouldn’t allow that to be brought up in this trial! He needs to be removed from the bench! That asshole, wonder how he would feel had it been HIS child this happened to! If Davidson gets off on this one, there will be plenty of folks waiting in line to give him the justice he deserves, not just by white people but I know many black people who feel the same way! All it would have took was for ONE person to stand up against whomever was “in charge” that night and these two people would still be alive! Those animals wouldn’t have a chance to make it to court had it been MY child! I don’t know how the parents are holding up! I would never be able to take another breath in life had that happened to one of my kids! They deserve justice for their children! If I was to ever see any of those mother fuckers on the street, I’d probably put a bullet in them without a second thought! To the Newsomes and the Christians, you have my love, sorrow and complete support! I truly hope you can find some peace to live the rest of your life but I just don’t know how that’s possible!!!!!!
    DIE ALL YOU ANIMALS! You deserve NOTHING less!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all rot in fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Slaughter Lightfoot says:

    Pissed Off in Lenoir City,
    It is unfortunate you believe the “white version” of the events of this story, either that are you’re one of those (in the closet whites) who engages in the same kind of debased behavior evidence proves Channon and Chris exhibited. It’s even been proven that they were a couple of druggies now and you’re still defending them. This is about what everything in this country has been about for you people: being white.

    All those exclamation points don’t prove they’re innocent or moral. They only prove how ignorant and perverted you are.

    Slaughter Lightfoot

    Additionally, we published an excerpt of the findings from GBR official Street Investigation.

    The only two people rotting in hell are those two moral-less kids you are pretending were innocent.

  21. ShatteredDreams says:

    Is this nigger serious?
    When he gets dragged off in handcuffs for all the rapes he has commited he’s gonna scream “I didn’t do nuffin! Dat racist jury be da WHITE VERSION”
    Nigger please, facts are documented.
    If you niggers were smart enough to create a written language instead of raping babies, using children as human sacrifices, and eating feces, you would know that.

  22. Pissed Off in Lenoir City says:

    oh slaughter… you must be black yourself and thinking that they did something to deserve what they got?? Fuck you!! That dumb fucking nigger was convicted today asshole… convicted! Do you realize what the fuck that means?!!?!?! God forbid something like that happen to one of YOUR children.. how the fuck would you feel then?!?! I don’t care what those kids were doing, they did NOT deserve the torture they were put through… can you honestly justify that shit you dumbfuck?!?!?!? You make me fucking sick… I’m sure if it was a black couple that that happened to, you’d be raising hell wouldn’t you? And Al sharpton and jesse jackass would be in Knoxville throwing their racist retoric around!
    The only thing I have left to say is that he was convicted by a jury who went into this openly and listened to the EVIDENCE presented to them…. You are a sad person slaughter… who has no common sense or humanity about you.. You should just keep your mouth shut now…. You’re only making yourself look like an idiot.. I guarantee more agree with me than agree with you and your fucked up way of thinking. I’d love to meet you… just to knock the shit out of you!

    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      See Penitentiary Islam’s statement about the verdict by Elder Elijah Ahmadinejad published on Skunk Cousin’s The Knoxville Carjacking Lie & Cover Up site.


  23. Pissed Off in Lenoir City says:

    What do you think now?!?! He got the death penalty 4 times!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  24. GeP says:

    fucking niggers, man.. there lower than a steaming worm infested pyle of over ripe babboon shit.. Goddamned rabid murdering pieces of filth, the government should reinstate public crucifixion and beheadings just for them. ahhh, the good ole days… when these murderous niggers and all the niggers on this site would be hanging from the nearest streetlamp in front of city hall, castrated, engulfed in flames and burning merrily to hell.

    • Jasmine says:


  25. christy says:

    Virgins when dead,other dick for the rest of his natural life

  26. Jasmine says:


  27. Pissed Off in Lenoir City says:

    LMAO! Fucking Jasmine! You are cracking me up over here!!!

    I say we continue to hijack this stupid blog site!!!

    And I agree, not all blacks are niggers!! Just those muderous, raping monsters out there that ARE niggers!! But the knox5 … they are nothing but niggers!!!!!! I hope Thomas and Coleman get convicted too! Anyone of them could have stopped this! But they chose not to so, too bad for them! I have NO mercy on them whatsoever! And little ol bernard from peoria, il… what the fuck does he know about anything? He’s just a fucking loser behind a keyboard making shit up… the only thing he has to gain is to get a bunch of white people upset, which he is doing… what a shame we are letting him, but with his fucked up way of thinking, it’s fun to dog him for the piece of shit he is… I feel sorry for anyone that comes in contact with him, they might end up with the same fate that Channon and Chris did…. God rest their souls, Fuck your allah… he’s nothing but hate, death and despair but tries to justify it… whatever idiot WROTE the koran, needs to know that Jas will be using it to wipe her ass!! LMAO! You are too funny!

    Great comment from Christy too and ain’t that the truth.. a dick until he’s dead!

    This bozo doesn’t need to sit here and act like all blacks share his way of thinking because they DON’T!!!!!! stupid fucktard!

  28. Pissed Off in Lenoir City says:

    Don’t worry Jas, we’ll get you some cream if you do get the hives but please do, let’s all wipe our asses with the koran! I’m gonng go buy one tomorrow just so I can wipe my ass with it!!!

  29. E says:

    What the fuck is this site?? Are you kidding? What worthless POS put this garbage up?

  30. PA says:

    Holy hell, niggers are dumb.

  31. Chess Player says:

    Hilarious. 99% of white women that are with nigroids are morbidly obese, so hey, let the savages ravage them. Lemaricus Davidson can now spend the remainder of his days before he meets his true destiny with the needle (or hopefully sooner via the business end of a prison shank) dreaming about how he “Can get any white women he wants” while he’s jerking his penis all by himself in an 6’x9′ cell. A superstar on death row. What an honor Lmao. The intelligence of all 4 of these thugs & the one sheboon combined doesn’t even come close to that of a retarded white child.

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