Whites Step up Inbreeding

Whites Vow to Step up Inbreeding

It ‘s no surprises to learn the racial inbreeding among whites in the United States is on the rise. Between January 2007 and 2008 the Glax Haas Institute reported a 14.4% increase in white babies born from inbreeding.

And now, with the publication of the National Policy Institutes, Global White Population to Plummet to Single Digit—Black Population to Double, many young, angry whites vow to step up inbreeding with their mothers, sisters and daughters to regain competetive positioning in the world population numbers.


Sandra Herold: Beastiality in the White Community;



“Inbreeding has always been a significant part of the Caucasian culture,” says race researcher and psychologist Dr. Louis Sidney Jacobs. “Darwin and Houston Stewart Chamberlain denounced racial intermixture and supported racial inbreeding as the best means to perpetuate the qualities of a race. His The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (published first in German in 1899), one of the most comprehensive accounts of the forces of race, was much appreciated — though not emulated — by the Nazis. Their racial doctrines, unlike Chamberlain’s, were for the most part allusive in style. Hitler’s Mein Kampf aptly linked ill-advised racial mixing to notions of sin and disease alike.”

Bestiality & Inbreeding: Hidden Behavior in White America Hits 

Inbreeding is breeding between close relatives, whether plant or animal. If practiced repeatedly, it often leads to a reduction in genetic diversity. A concomitant increase in homozygosity of recessive traits can, over time, result in inbreeding depression. This may result in inbred individuals exhibiting reduced health and fitness and lower levels of fertility.

For more on the official study:Global White Population to Plummet to Single Digit—Black Population to Double [nationalpolicyinstitute.org].

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9 Responses to Whites Step up Inbreeding

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  4. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    I am a stupid nigger and I love my welfare checks and various handouts.
    Too bad the average IQ of my species is borderline retarded.

    Slaughter Lightfoot

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  8. Tom Shelly says:

    Actually, you baboons should study your facts. Niggers are many times more likely to engage in incest, child murder, child rape, and bestiality than whites. In fact, in Africa, it’s considered the normal thing to do among niggers. Your website here is a joke and you can hardly stand up to an uncensored debate on the facts. I have them on my website at niggermania.com/tom


    • Slaughter Lightfoot says:

      You old dog! Facts about us (blacks) from “niggermania?” Imagine that!

      Slaughter Lightfoot

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