Vogue, Lebron & White Male Emasculation


From “The Birth of A Nation” to “Black Studs”


Despite every negative thing being said, brothers in the Sexiest & Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights community are extremely excited by Vogue Magazine’s April cover featuring sports superstar Lebron James and Brazillian top model Giselle Buchen.

“It only confirms what we’ve known all along,” one member writes.

“Lebron is from the ‘hood. If it wasn’t for sports, he could have verily easily been one of us – a Lonnie ‘Bonafide Hustler’ Webster or Lemaricus ‘Carjacker’ Davidson,” another member writers

“It feels good on the inside to know that they know we are physically and sexually superior,” another GBR community member penned.

“Ghetto Bragging Rights publisher Kirkland Perkins has been documenting this for years, now,” another member writes.

“Racially, Vogue’s cover is sexually stimulating,” Perkins said in a brief interview he gave this morning.

“We’ve covered this consitently over the years:

“As we are finding out, there are a lot of white girls who want impoverished, young, black men to rob, rape and kill them,” says GBR publisher Kirkland Perkins. “We get letters from young white women affirming this.”

“Thier lusts have progressed to wanting more than sex from us, though. They want to be robed, (often kidnapped – like Channon Christian), raped and killed. It is widely reported that Channon Christian wanted the death by sexual torture scenario and staged it herself.

“We can foresee a day when white women will no longer want sex from black men and will only want us to violently slay them.” – Kirkland Perkins “It goes all the way back to the days of slavery.”

Photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the 6-foot-9 NBA star and the 5-foot-11 Brazilian model for the cover and an inside spread.

Vogue spokesman Patrick O’Connell is quoted as saying: the magazine “sought to celebrate two superstars at the top of their game” for the magazine’s annual issue devoted to size and shape.

“We think Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen look beautiful together and we are honored to have them on the cover.”

King Kong and the White Woman:
Hustler Magazine and the Demonization of Black Masculinity

Theorists such as Wiegman (1993) and Snead (1994) have traced the beginnings of the image of the black man as sexual monster back to the late nineteenth century, as the product of a white supremacist ideology which saw the end of slavery as bringing about an unleashing of animalistic, brute violence inherent in African-American men. D.W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation (1915), was, without question, the first major mass circulation of this image in film and was to become the blueprint for how contemporary mass media depicts black males.

The notion of the black male as sexual monster has been linked to the economic vulnerability that white working-class men feel in the face of a capitalist economy over which they have little power. Guerrero (1993), in his discussion of the emergence of this new stereotype in the novels of Thomas Dixon, suggests that the economic turmoil of the postbellum South served to undermine the white southern male’s role as provider for his family; thus he sought to inflate his depreciated sense of manhood by taking up the honorific task of protecting White Womanhood against the newly constructed specter of the “brute Negro” (p. 12).

This encoding of the economic threat within a sexual context, is, according to Snead (1994), the principal mechanism of cinematic racism and is one of the subplots of the enormously successful King Kong movie (re-named King Kong and the White Women in Germany). Arguing that “in all Hollywood film portrayals of blacks … the political is never far from the sexual” (p. 8), Snead links the image of King-Kong rampaging through the streets of Manhattan with a defenseless white woman clutched to his body to the increasing economic emasculation of white men in the Depression years and the growing fear that black migration from the South had reduced the number of jobs available to working-class whites. King Kong’s death at the end of the movie remasculinizes the white man, not only by his conquering of the black menace but also by regaining the woman.

Couple of Interesting Facts:


• Maryland passed a law under which free white women would lose their freedom if they married a black slave, and under which the children of white women and black men became slaves


• Maryland became the first of the future states to pass a law making it illegal for free English women to marry “Negro slaves”


Lebron Kong, Giselle & Raping White Girls

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