Etihw: Spelling White Backwards; Putting Pandora Back in Her Box

“Phonetically, white and hate are the same. More correctly, we may now begin calling them: etihw. Etihw is the spelling of white backwards. king1.jpgWe do this not only because they are a backward creature; but too, to further foster their expungement from the very concept of humanity,” says ousted Yakub 7 Ali (Y7A) minister & scientist Elohim Belial.

“We are not dealing with people who are white. We are dealing with a mass of hate that has a thin layering of what we call skin.

Belial, became the first minister exiled from the radical sect of Sun Worshipers after attempting to sabotage the credibility of its leader and wrangle its leadership from him.

The science, introduced by Yakub 7 Ali before his ascension, taught blacks how to use their distinct eumelanin, pineal gland and eyes to aggresively absorb and intentionally direct ultraviolet light through the 3rd eye.

The Original Yakub 7 Ali

“The point at which the vision of eyes crosses opens the mythological all seeing 3rd eye of God. We contain melanin abundantly in our hair, skin, eyes andpineal glands,” Ali taught. “At the point at which the 3rd eye opens, Ultraviolet light becomes visible and direct- able.”

“The traitorous act of our beloved minister and scientist Elohim Belial disobeying the edict of the the

In mythology the Caucasus was the prison of Prometheus. He and his family had defied the edicts of Jupiter who then ordered Vulcan to create from clay the woman Pandora – the first female that ever lived – and sent her under the protection of Mercury to Prometheus as a temptation to become his wife and bearing a beautiful box full of presents. But Prometheus Sensed the deceit; his brother Epimetheus married her and when he opened the box a multitude of evils issued from it all over the world. Now extremely irritated, Jupiter dispatched VuIcan to carry off Prometheus to the Caucasus, where he was tied to a rock so that a vulture could feed upon his liver, which was never diminished, though Continually devoured. He was delivered from this confinement afterwards by Hercules who killed the bird of prey.

honorable Yakub 7 Ali, who revealed to the lost Tribe of Shabazz the secret keeping them from using melanin, ultraviolet light & their 3rd eye, which according to ancient African Egyptology are the gifts given them from divinity and nature, is worthy of the penalty given any traitor who attempts to sabotage the rulorship of his country,” former Y7A spokeman Lucifer Nigaros said of Bilial at the time. “While he is worthy to be slaughtered and fed to the pigs, the edict passed down by the honorable Yakub 7 Ali permenantly ousts him from our organization of worshipers.”

According to the legend, the Tribe of Shabazz was a technologically advanced society of kings and queens. All other human tribes developed out of the Tribe of Shabazz, which was the original tribe of humankind. A scientist named Yakub was a member of the tribe and, according to Fard, was the creator of the Caucasian race. The Tribe of Shabazz is said to have reached its peak in the year 4084 BC.

“There is a story Greek Mythology recites as Pandora’s Box: In Greek mythology, Pandora’s box is the box carried by Pandora that contained all the evils of mankind — greed, vanity, slander, lies, envy, pining — and hope. Yes, the white man, who is now etihw, emerged from Pandora’s box. Much more, this too, Pandora’s box is, yet another representation of the original Yakub’s creation of the white man.




“Etihw are not people, human or part of the human race. If they were, they would treat others humanely. Yet, as many believe, it is not okay to rape or rob them.

“We must fashion our actions of compassion for the etihw after the manner by which the earth and the sun have fashioned their compassion after it.



“Etihw hatred is to be burned from the earth with Ultraviolet light.”

In 2007, Belial began his own sect of Sun Worshipers and, under a pen name, published a series of articles that appeared on the Web and spawned the Yakub 7 Ali Hoax. In late 2007, Ali, traveling across America, silenced critics and non believers.


FROM THE PREFACE OF THE BOOK OF LIFE & THE WEDDING OF GOD by Sterling Coleman and documented by journalist Waldorf Caruthers:

Now in October of 2007 in Georgetown, Texas, the days of the scientist of God whose name is called Yakub 7 Ali came to their first end at the close of the Yakub 7 Ali Circus..

For, before thousands, the scientist (re)transformed himself into the raw energy we existed as before and during the days of Adam and Even and the Garden of Eden.

With 70 elect members of his Negro sun worship movment, he left this plane to study in the College of the Celestial. He will study there for the next 5 years and return in the year 2012.

With him, he will bring a set of Master Knowledge that will usher the world into the New Era.

Yes, Yakub will transform back from energy to flesh.

Jacob Ali, second son of Yakub 7, announced Yakub 13 X, who Ali groomed as his protege, will lead the movement in his father’s absence.

Other miracles witnessed during the Georgetown, Texas circus date included the turning of whites black to heal their melanomas through the laying of hands on by Emmanuel Nigaros one of the movement’s spiritual healers.

“We now know that our extra sensory perception is a direct result of our intentional activation of the 3rd eye,” new leader of the Yakub 7 Ali sun worship movement, Yakub13X says. “Likewise, it activates the pheromone that has lied dormant in us since our exiled Mecca to this planet.”

The mysticism associated with the black man’s skin color, 3rd eye (pineal gland) and the sun’s light and the genetic abilities therein have been documented and researched for decades.
Until the science of Yakub 7 Ali, the missing piece of the puzzle remained how to access and utilize it

“It is our natural defense system,” before his ascension, 7Ali taught.

A pheromone (from Greek φέρω phero “to bear” + ορμόνηhormone“) is a chemical that triggers a natural behavioral response in another member of the same species. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology. Their use among insects has been particularly well documented, although many vertebrates and plants also communicate using pheromones.

“The mythological 3rd eye, which is the pineal gland, is accessed at the single point where the streams of vision of the two eyes meet” – Yakub 7 Ali.

Western science finds itself in an enigma as it tries both to regard the seeable differences between EU and PHAEO and dismiss them at the same time. Resources, outside of black grassroots organizations i.e. Yakub13X Sun Worshipers, Black Hebrew Pagans, Nation of Islam, Black Anarchists and Black Panthers is scantly available:


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6 Responses to Etihw: Spelling White Backwards; Putting Pandora Back in Her Box

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  2. John Powell says:

    Can you spell “black” backwards? “kcalb”. We do this not only because the “blacks” are an inferior and backwards creature, but to further foster their total “expungement” from the very concept of humanity! What we are dealing with here is not merely people who are black, but with a mass of pure hate that is a very thin layering of what we call skin!

    White ministers laughed hard the other day, saying that “black” people, themselves, are calling Obama the most powerful man in the world and Oprah the most beautiful woman in the world and God strikes them both down with developing fatal diseases, as He has reserved it for those he despises the most! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! It’s hilarious, and it’s perfect occasion for white people to celebrate!

    We had another big laugh with fellow white ministers when they were saying that black people, themselves, have called Michael Jackson the most successful Pop Music Star in the world and O.J. Simpson the most successful sports figure in the world, and God struck them both down, one with skin cancer and pedophilia and the other with a life prison sentence without parole for murdering an innocent white woman! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! God has reserved it for these two celebrity subhuman idiots as the next two he despises the most!

    Scientifically Proven and Deliberately Possible: Whites Can Give Blacks Skin Cancer: Whites Celebrate!

    With Whites, Nature has Proven that Humans Do Not Need Even the Smallest Amount of Melanin, and They Live Longer, Feel Stronger, and Are Far Healthier Than Blacks by Nature!

    Historically Proven Fact: The Very First Sun Worshipers were White, as the very spiritual concept of worshiping the Sun was carried out by the White Man, and the ugly melanoma-diseased dark skin of the black man represents NOTHING in relation to the “3rd Eye”, for the “3rd Eye” is a proven discovery and mental practice by the WHITES far before the “evil” blacks even knew where they stood!

    That ignorant worthless pathetic low-life piece of shit subhuman by the name of Elohim Belial and that other worthless rotten low-life piece of shit subhuman by the name of Jacobi Ali, should both be arrested, beaten, tortured, and imprisoned for life each in a solitary confinement cell no larger than the size of an outhouse, by the great white-governed U.S. Federal Law for committing the capital hate crime of publishing this degenerate subversive hate literature and for conspiring to promote sick perverted racist hatred against white people! It’s clearly obvious why these two scum filthy hate-infested anti-white racist low-life piece of shits, Belial and Ali, were ousted, criticized, and publicly slandered! Soon, as a result, “blacks” as a race will then become completely eradicated and wiped out from the very concept of humanity!

    The great white critics, journalists, and prosecutors of America shall beat and tear the puny life out of Ali and Belial until their dirty ugly melanoma-diseased black skins melt off their fragile unhealthy “black” bones, taking all their sick demented hatred along with them!

    Belial and Ali should have their heads chopped off in a public execution!

    Clearly, the sick and perverted anti-white racist low-life piece of shits who posted and support this filthy degenerate racist article against “whites” are the most ignorant, the most inferior, and the most racially lowest of all races, which are the “blacks”! Every single word and phrase in this sick and perverted anti-white racist article has been conceived out of absolute pure lies, total misinformation, and complete ignorance! These poor pathetic and miserable low-life scum rotten sub-human “blacks” who wrote, quoted, and published this extremely appalling and degenerate racist hate article should be kidnapped from their homes out of mid-sleep, heavily sedated and used as life-threatening lab rats and human test subjects by powerful “white” government and military officials, then severely prosecuted and charged with hate crime, and be slammed with the harshest punishment by the Federal Courts! Not only are these pathetic low-life worthless piece of trash “blacks” a bunch of racially inferior subhumans, they are also a bunch filthy rotten hate criminals, and they should be treated as hate-criminals and as the pathetic racially inferior subhumans they were BORN to be!

    These ignorant pathetic worthless “blacks” are so miserable and so buried in hate underneath their very fragile and thin-layered “black” skin, that they cannot accept the obviously proven and historical FACT that the “whites’ ARE superior in mind, body, and soul; that the “whites” are the first and the most almighty supreme, highly intelligent, forwards-minded creature of the human race, by Nature and by God; the “whites are the true harvesters of the “3rd Eye” and are also, by far, responsible for more than 80% of all the technological creation in the world that has made up civilization for the past thousands of years; The other 20% are given mostly to the Asians and the rest to the native Indians of the Americas. The “blacks” have NOTHING, and it kills their worthless hate-infested pathetic tiny consciences to know this absolute truth, so they fill their rotten small brains with senseless brainwashing stupid lies and bigotry against white people, because they choose to stay drowned in hate and need to blame the whites for their own self-imposed racial inferiority!

    Next in line to be exterminated and eradicated from the very concept of humanity and its faith, is that puny worthless little “god” which the “blacks” love to worship, which their god is a weak, puny, disgraceful evil “god”!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a jealous and ignorant being. Opposing the post is one thing but to pollute the comment section with such filth proves it. You are a person of hateful intent with an angle directed in opposition to all so called minorities one this planet. Your heart will lead you to eternal punishment.

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