Eve's Sexy Murder Weapon Found!

What’s the sexiest thing in the tragic eve_carson_black.jpgMarch 5th murder of UNC celebustudent Eve Carson’s robbery & slaying:

A) The stunnigly attractive slain victim;

B) The studly & virile thugs Demario Atwater & Lawrence Lovette who’ve quickly risen to the top of the Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights scene; or,

C) The hot, executions style used, but reportedly unfound, murder weapon?


eve_carson_whats_sexiest.jpgCarson was shot and murdered early in the morning of March 5, 2008, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States. A 21-year-old, Demario James Atwater, of Durham, North Carolina has been charged with her murder.[2] A second suspect, 17-year-old Lawrence Alvin Lovett Jr.,[3] was taken into custody early morning March 13.[4] Lovett is also now being held [5] in connection with the January murder of a 29-year-old Duke University engineering student named Abhijit Mahato. [6]


Time Magazine (CHAPEL HILL, N.C.) — The student body president at the University of North Carolina was killed by a shot from a handgun to her right temple, according to a police report released Friday.

Nancy Grace: UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My question is … did thethey find murder weapons? And did ballistics trace these to both of the victims?

GRACE: Shelvia Dancy joining us. Very quickly, Shelvia, have they found the murder weapon?

DANCY: In the Eve Carson case, they haven`t told us anything whether they found that weapon. When it comes to the death of Mahato, I don`t recall whether or not officers said they were able to find a weapon. And in any case, again, officers aren`t telling us how they made that connection, whether it is ballistics, because it happened so quickly, or whether it was some other means that they used to connect the dots in those cases.

WGCL: Curran said detectives had no evidence other than her car, which was found Thursday about a mile from where her body was discovered. Officers found the blue 2005 Toyota Highlander after receiving a tip from a witness who spotted it near the main drag though the college town about 45 minutes west of Raleigh.

“While the new, young suspects are my heart and Eve’s no dumb, blonde Britney Spears knock-off, my pick’s the murder weapon,” said Ghetto Bragging Rights publisher Kirkland Perkins. “It hasn’t been found, the media’s flaming the death penalty and the Governor’s offered a $10,000 reward for it and/or the real culprits to be snitched out.”

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