Sexy New Super Victim Eve Carson Turns Heads from Grave

eve_unplugged1.jpgMove over Channon Christian!
There’s a sexy new black-on-white crime victim dominating the blogosphere and headlining white nationalist messageboards. Her name is Eve Carson. And get this, her family may have owned slaves & profited directly from the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. So, she’s even giving Michael Thorpe’s 2005 victim & slave trade heiress Jennifer Ross a (pun intended) run for the money.
Many will remember Jennifer Ross as the “privileged & snotty” Savannah, Georgia debutante who bucked Ghetto Black Male Felon Superstar Michael Thorpe in the botched Christmas eve purse jacking that racially divided the city.
In 2006, former Svengalimedia journalist Waldorf Carathers exposed the Ross family’s savage slave ownership history and found that Thorpe’s ancestors may have been owned by Ross’ forefathers.
While Ross remains the most privileged Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights reparation victim, it was Knoxville, Tennessee’s Channon Christian who, in 2007, replaced her in popularity and became white nationalism’s poster-boy in their advertisments about black-on-white-crime.
“Channon wasn’t very pretty and, so, wan’t very photogenic at all,” says GBR critic & editor Kirkland Perkins. “She didn’t play well as someone you want to look at. So, white nationalism black-on-white-crime promos suffered.
hush crime poster“But Eve Carson’s got that superficial external beauty they champion. As she may have been participating in what has come to be known as the Privileged White Flaunt game, played on many college campuses by affluent whites, we know Eve lacked the inner beauty reflected by heaven’s mirrors.
“But she (Eve) will do very well HushCrime posters and other promotional efforts.”


Some suspect new racial celebrity victim Eve Carson’s death resulted from an estranged and unreported sexual relationship she was having with the youngster many are embracing as their new superthug:


While the sexual link between Carson & Lovett is being investigated, the prevailing question many Bragging Rights community members are saying they want privileged whites to answer is: what would you do if you didn’t have your gun and were all alone and helpless when he eased up on you?



Privileged White Flaunt Flashback – Privileged Victims Whose Families Owned Slaves: Jennifer Ross VS Michael Thorpe

“No you can’t have my purse,” doning her snottiest air she scoffed. Fictional re-enactment of the 2005 Christmas eve pursejacking of Jennifer Ross by Michael Thorpe




It’s the game of the privileged, white narcissist.

They call it Privileged White Flaunt.

One of the best documented cases is the 2005 Christmas Eve slaying of Savannah, Georgia’s debutante sweetheart Jennifer Ross.

privileged_white_flaunt.jpg It is alleged, until her slaying, Ross was part of a circle of affluent whites who played the Privileged White Flaunt shamelessly.

“Flaunting our possessions around underprivileged and impoverished blacks reinforces the feelings of superiority we are suppose to have,” a white student who claims to be part of a UNC society of Privileged White Flaunters says. “We know we are better. It is what our founding fathers wanted for us.”

In the case of Eve Carson, it was allegedly her turn to race her high powered and fully loaded SUV through an area where she perceived dangerous, underprivileged, black, male felons to be.

But, according to sources, she along several other gamers had established personal relationships with some of the underprivileged blacks they flaunted their possessions before.

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2 Responses to Sexy New Super Victim Eve Carson Turns Heads from Grave

  1. stnt says:

    The photo of Eve Carson holding a red ball is the property of The Daily Tar Heel. You do not have permission to use it. Please take it off this and all other blog posts immediately.

    -Allison Nichols
    Daily Tar Heel Managing Editor

  2. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Allison,
    Negro please, as we say in the hood. That pic didn’t even come from the Daily Tar Heel. It’s all over the internet. The editor that posted it DID NOT GET IT FROM THE DAILY TAR. Anyway, fortunately Eve was so stunning every photo of her is equally as beautiful. It’s removed.

    Allison, have you ever played Privileged White Flaunt? It sounds like you are taking this VERY personal.

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