Were Eve & Lawrence Lovers?

Some suspect new racial celebrity victim Eve Carson’s death resulted from an estranged and unreported sexual relationship she was having with the youngster many are embracing as their new superthug:


While the sexual link between Carson & Lovett is being investigated, the prevailing question many Bragging Rights community members are saying they want privileged whites to answer is: what would you do if you didn’t have your gun and were all alone and helpless when he eased up on you?



Privileged White Flaunt Flashback – Privileged Victims Whose Families Owned Slaves: Jennifer Ross VS Michael Thorpe

“No you can’t have my purse,” doning her snottiest air she scoffed. Fictional re-enactment of the 2005 Christmas eve pursejacking of Jennifer Ross by Michael Thorpe


Many recall it was journalist Waldorf Caruthers’ ground breaking expose of the Jennifer Ross, Michael Thorpe trial in Savannah, Georgia that first shifted the nation’s focus from concern for the privileged white victim to the underprivileged black assailant when he revelead Ross acquired her privilege due her family’s ownership of African slaves.
Now, along comes privileged Eve Carson whose family may have owned slaves; and, who may have also been a part of a shameful affluent white society that took pride and flaunting their privilege and possessions in mockery of underprivileged blacks.



It’s the game of the privileged, white narcissist.

They call it Privileged White Flaunt.

One of the best documented cases is the 2005 Christmas Eve slaying of Savannah, Georgia’s debutante sweetheart Jennifer Ross.

privileged_white_flaunt.jpg It is alleged, until her slaying, Ross was part of a circle of affluent whites who played the Privileged White Flaunt shamelessly.

“Flaunting our possessions around underprivileged and impoverished blacks reinforces the feelings of superiority we are suppose to have,” a white student who claims to be part of a UNC society of Privileged White Flaunters says. “We know we are better. It is what our founding fathers wanted for us.”

In the case of Eve Carson, it was allegedly her turn to race her high powered and fully loaded SUV through an area where she perceived dangerous, underprivileged, black, male felons to be.

But, according to sources, she along several other gamers had established personal relationships with some of the underprivileged blacks they flaunted their possessions before.


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6 Responses to Were Eve & Lawrence Lovers?

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  3. dan says:

    The question about “what would you do if you didn’t have your gun and were all alone and helpless when he eases up on you?” This privileged white “man” will answer that I would LOVE to be alone and helpless when a MAN like him wanted to ease up on me

  4. andgodmadelight says:

    Hi Dan,
    Please, if you can, share more.


  5. dan says:

    Not much to share, BLACK MEN are SUPERIOR in EVERY way and i would willingly become the next Chris Newsome

  6. dan says:

    Hope to hear from youSIR

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