BUSTED: Eve Carson's ancestors slaves owners?

Did Eva Carson’s forebearers own African American slaves during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade?
According to the Clarke-Oconee Genealogical Society there may be a link.


By 1860 slaves made up nearly half the population of Clarke County. County records prove that a ‘Walter Carson’ did own 1 slave. Are Walter and Eve related?

Most likely. In remote populations kinsmanship is more likely than not when the surname is the same.

More disturbing in ancestral search of Carson’s forebearers is that the Carsons may be related to the Thrasher family – a family with much more savage slave history in Athens, Georgia.

“If Eve Carson’s family owned slaves and they didn’t pay their reparations; or, if Eve was buying drugs and playing Privileged White Flaunt blacks should feel no empathy for her,” says radical journalist Sleugh Crooks. “Nothing is more typical of affluent white people than to engage in a perverted and narcissistic game like Privileged White Flaunt and expect our sympathy when they are swallowed by it.”



privileged_white_flaunt.jpgIt’s the game of the privileged, white narcissist. They call it Privileged White Flaunt.

One of the best documented cases is the 2005 Christmas Eve slaying of Savannah, Georgia’s debutante sweetheart Jennifer Ross.

It is alleged, until her slaying, Ross was part of a circle of affluent whites who played Privileged White Flaunt shamelessly.


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25 Responses to BUSTED: Eve Carson's ancestors slaves owners?

  1. secretsenior says:

    If you knew Eve, you would understand how far fetched this idea is. From knowing her and reading the police reports of her staying out late to study and finish school work… there is no other explaination. That’s what her friends said and it makes sense. That’s the type of person she was… she wouldn’t have done anything near what this blog says…

  2. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    There is no clear explaination of why she was out so late; and, the game of Privileged White Flaunt is mostly played by affluent, white college students like Eve.

  3. incogman says:

    Once again, Yakob 13X followers, you show us White Overlords further reasons to increase our Neutrino bombardment of your brains stems. Shall we up the dial? Wait, I need to put down my lab apparatus — I have a Privilaged White Flaunt Party to attend!

  4. skunkcousins says:

    LOL! Most whites are Trailer Park or just above and can’t afford true Privileged White Flaunt. Keep dreaming!

  5. incogman says:

    Most whites will gladly flaunt their shotguns and high-powered deer rifles, should the occasion warrant.

  6. skunkcousins says:

    That’s all Trailer Park whites have to flaunt. Hillbillies.

  7. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    If you guys can’t play nicely, you shouldn’t play at all.

  8. incogman says:

    skunkcousin, you just have no idea of what you are talking about. Once we have you cornered in your government-assisted “cribs,” we’ll blast your brains with Neutrino particles and you’ll simply shoot yourselves. Oh, wait. That’s what we’re doing now!

  9. skunkcousins says:

    Blacks aren’t jealous of Trailer Park whites. Blonde hair and blue eyes burn in the sunlight. Without the Lincoln Navigator or Mercedes Benz, you’re just poor white trash that burns in the sun. If you lost the superior economic position your forefathers advantaged you to, it’s b/c of your own laziness. Go get something to flaunt and get back with me.

    Stay out of the sun while you’re doing it.

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  11. incogman says:

    skunkcousins, your name is quite apt, I must say. Whites will soon be flaunting alright, and you Negroes will be crying the blues…

  12. rundown48 says:

    dem whitey nigs owe me some money …we’s could all be living in an African para dice right NOW ..but cracker made us come ta uh whitey county an’ put on gear an’ kicks ..made us pray ta uh whitey god an’ sheeit..ah wants uh lot o’ money so ah can git uh new `64 wiff big rims ..hope ya git uh bad sun burn whitey boy as ah jet an’ git muh ma fuckin welfare an’ reparation check ..haha you know das right!

  13. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Incog,
    The Blues is ours to cry or sing. We made it. It was already the result of your race’s inhumanity. White people hate blacks b/c of our color. Blacks hate whites because of your hatred for us. Even in such, our hatred is righteous and yours perverse. I agree with Skunk: Light hates you. Stay out of the sun.

  14. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi RunDown48,

    It’s not sun burn. It’s skin cancer and melanoma.


  15. elelndid says:

    Well well what do we have hear, why it is your typical Marxist piece of crap. It will be fun when the end comes, just not for you.

  16. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Elelndid,

    I am persuaded that the end has come:
    “Ultraviolet light is the fire of the 2nd rapture of God.” – Sleugh Crooks


  17. 1488wmn says:

    Groids will use ANYTHING as an attempted excuse to blame for their inability to abide in a civilized society. “Shiiit mahn. Ain’t mi damn fault I’s ain’t got no job. Muhfuckin Whitey holdin’ me down and shiit no wah ‘m sayin main? Pass me dat 40 bitch.” LMFAO. Groids always want to use slavery as an excuse too, whether they’re trying to get $, sympathy, or anything else they can get for free. Hell, why actually earn it when you can get it off someone else’s back ~ including their ancestors that actually were enslaved. I bet $$$ a groid can’t give the name of just ONE of their ancestors, but hey, that’s not what’s important. “Gimme my shiiit for free coz I’s a gangsta no wha ‘m sayin muhfuka.” {rolling eyes}And they wonder why we talk about them! They sure do continue to give us more than enough reason. Hell, they don’t even like or trust each other. LMFAO. And they think they get “respect” when they get $ for this lawsuit, or that “offense.” They’re the ONLY race that goes away once the dollar is paid. It’s not respect they get when that happens, it’s a payoff, and they’re too damn dumb to realize it. They do keep me entertained though. LMFAO. Losers. I’m out of here……..

  18. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi 1488wmn,

    TFSB & sharing. A couple of things you mentioned are notable.

    You said:
    Hell, why actually earn it when you can get it off someone else’s back –

    That IS a better way than working for it.

    Also, you said:
    And they wonder why we talk about them!

    1488wmn, yall wud be talkin bout us anyways… yall was talkin bout us befo slavery, during slavery and eba since….

    Why not take some time out and talk about yourselves.

    You made slavery, brought us over here, lost slavery to us and the superior advantages your forebearers provided for you …

    Are you sure who the losers are?

    Holla bac if u git a chance.

    Again, TFSB.

  19. bruiserdiamonds says:

    More niggerwhine. niggers never learn, you murder any human, be them white, hispanic, jewish, hindu, indian, any human you go to jail. But the liberal nigger lovers and niggers are whining about the same thing, they were good boys, they was in skool, they waz gonna beez rappers. No one cares niggers, go back to africa. Remember Slavery gets stuff done.

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  21. underprivilegedjournalism says:


    Slavery apparently does get stuff done … . There is some evidence suggesting Atwater & Lovett selected Carson b/c her family owned slaves.

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  24. j says:

    why arent you on the arab’s asses? they enslaved alot more of you over a longer period of time than “whitey” did.

    oh, thats right, alot of you are followers of islam, so you wouldent want to upset your fellow muslims…………..

    anyways slavery has been over for 140 years. seems like you could be doing something…i dunno………….maybe constructive with your time instead of bashing people who had nothing to do with your racial tragedies that happened over a century ago?

    “those who live in the past are doomed to repeat it”

    over and over and over again………

    maybe its time you moved on………

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