The Sexiest Thug on the Planet



Cops lie, the media lies & white people lie; but the streets don’t tell lies. Word on the streets is that Emily Haddock was no angel.

Bigger than Haddock, however, is the splash Michael Graham Currie, her alleged killer, is making in the Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights community!

But can Currie hold his own against GBR’s legendary celebrity thugs?


Is Michael Graham Currie the hottest new ghetto, young, black, male felon?

Since the September 2007 robbery & murder, in which he was allegedly the ring leader, interest in Currie’s brass & take no prisoners street thuggism has continued to grow.

Emily, 12, was at home sick on Sept. 21 when someone broke into her Marks Road home outside Vass and shot her several times with a .22-caliber handgun, authorities said.Investigators said they believe the intruders intended to burglarize the house and were surprised to find the girl at home.According to the grand jury indictments, Currie carried a .22-caliber pistol.Jurors indicted Currie in a 2nd robbery where he allegedly stole a $47,000 2007 Lexus and later set it on fire.On Sept. 22, Currie and Schiro allegedly broke into a home on Rhode Island Way in Cameron and stole rifles and firearms.Altogether, the grand jury indicted Currie on 12 felony charges of breaking and entering, 10 charges of possession of a stolen firearm, two charges of larceny, two charges of possession of stolen property and one count each of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and destruction of personal property.


Prosecuters have announced they will seek the death penalty against Currie. The announcment is a big notch under the eighteen year old’s belt – despite not having raped Haddock.

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21 Responses to The Sexiest Thug on the Planet

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  5. khroum1 says:

    You are an extremely sick person…I wish we had the hate speech laws that the EU had and you could be locked up like all the Neo-Nazi thugs your rampant bigotry represents…

  6. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi & TFSB. I don’t know that I like your tone that much.


  7. khroum says:

    These girls that you talk about in this article, like they deserved being raped and killed, are underage…I would talk and have the same tone to some Neo-Nazi racist thug who advocated doing similar things to girls of African, Asian, Indian…or any other ethnic descent. While we’re on the subject of that–why does this site glorify the raping of any woman, especially children…?? Is this site for real, or is it a farce? Because your are promoting the same hate here as as any Neo-Nazi, KKK, Christian Identity…etc…and every other racist organization out there… Speaking as someone of both Native American and Norwegian-Dutch Immigrant descent, it mystifies me of how anybody could think that this could solve anything and what agenda that you think you are promoting besides somebody calling you a nutcase.

    There is only one Race.
    “The Human Race”

  8. khroum says:

    Here’s somethng tragic for you to look at…beware it contradicts your melanoma hysteria…

    Skin cancer ‘more deadly in non-white population’
    28 July 2006

    People with darker skin are more likely to die from skin cancer and related complications than those with paler skin, according to new research.

    The study presented at the American Academy of Dermatology in San Diego, California, claims that, although dark-skinned people are less likely to develop skin cancer, when they do it is typically more “aggressive” and is often diagnosed only in its later stages, meaning fatality rates from the disease are higher.

    People with darker skin have more melanin in their skin cells. This gives the skin a darker colour and also blocks out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, meaning people with darker skin are less susceptible to severe sunburn and skin damage.

    However, scientists at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, point out that dark-skinned people can still develop skin cancer and suffer disproportionately higher rates of death as cases are often not diagnosed until the last moment.

    “There’s a perception that people with darker skin don’t have to worry about skin cancer, but that’s not true,” explains Dr Hugh Gloster, lead author of the study.

    The team studied 50 years’ worth of data from medical centres across the US, Asia and Africa, finding that melanoma, the second most common form of skin cancer, appears to develop differently in people with darker skin compared to white people.

    The study claims that UV radiation, which is a significant cause of melanoma in people with paler skin, is not such a risk factor in dark-skinned people as the disease usually appears on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and under the nails – areas normally protected from the sun.

    Cancer…crime…hate…are tragedies on whoever suffers from them…

    “There is only one Race”
    The Human Race

  9. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Khourm,
    That information was published by Western Science as an to attempt help the Racially Disfigured psyche of the white man. I remember when it was first published. It came out at the height of the new black sun worshiper movement. It was laughed at across the country. I mean, look at the STUPID logic it uses.

    Much more than this… consider your source … Western Science. Lol. Can … will it ever publish and/or produce anything that suggests the truth about our (black people’s) skin, eyes, Pineal Glands & ultraviolet light.

    Its mission has always been the portrayal and support of whites as superior based on your skin color. Lol!

    The logic of what you posted IS hysterical.

    But, I do have to correct you on: it contradicts your melanoma hysteria…

    It is not my melanoma hysteria. White people made skin color between blacks and whites an issue. Now you are ashamed.

    Nature and / or God (whichever you belive in) solution to your perversion is perfect.

    Are white Atheists exempt from burning in the light of the Sun of God; or, do they burn like white Christians?

    Most importantly, here’s the truth:
    Black people TEND to get a form of what whites call melanoma on places on our bodies that DON’T RECEIVE ENOUGH SUNLIGHT (ULTRAVIOLET) LIGHT. If you keep digging you will discover this.

    Ultraviolet light does the opposite to us what it does to you.

    Your search and post demonstrate you are desperate to cling to the Classic American Racial Psychosis disorder that has disfigured your psyche.

    There are bridges for your problem.

  10. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi again. Concerning the girls you mention. The thing to remember is that the evidence proves Robbery, Rape and being Slayed by blacks is some kind of racially perverse lust of theirs…. . It is something they want. These young brothers are being racially manipulated and used b/c they have big hearts.

  11. khroum says:

    I did a little more googling on your farce…its so nice to know that white supremacists are using the anonymity of the internet to pose as ghetto thugs nowadays…underprivleged journalism…yeah white supremacist gutter trash underprivleged journalism…

    As for any people of colour getting skin cancer in different ways then Caucasions…well you missed the part of the article that I posted that states that, proving what a stupid neo-Nazi thug you really are…I can’t wait till Barack Obama becomes president and helps drive the last nail in the coffin of racist bigotry like yours…

  12. khroum says:

    In the process of getting your blog deleted for promoting pedophilia…If WordPress does not do it…I will send all of your sick descriptive exhortations to rape women and young girls to the DOJ and FBI…have a nice day you Neo-Nazi punk…then you can see how quickly your Internet anonymity gets stripped away and you run back to your ignorant white trash trailer park, cross burning, swastika painting…hey are you from Ohio…isn’t that where most klansmen hang out today???

    “There is only one Race”
    The Human Race

  13. khroum says:

    You have been reported to IC3, the Internet crime complaint center…thank you and have a nice day…hope they catch up to you and put you in jail soon…say hi to your Aryan buddies….

  14. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Khroum,
    Do you do all your research by Google? Did you get your degree from Google University? Just checking.

    It is obvious from the way you are incoherently scrambling about that you are way behind in the knowledge of blacks, eumelanin, ultraviolet light and fluid pineal glands VS whites, phaeomelanin, ultraviolet light and calcified pineal glands. Especially if you couldn’t read between the lines and realize the article you posted holds no credibility – again Western Science.

  15. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    It sounds like you are angry about your skin – as opposed to this blog. Moreso, it sounds like you are angry about what this blog is exposing i.e. the frailty of fairskin and the mentally disfiguring Racial Psychosis of white boys, girls, men and women.

    This blog does not promote pedophilia. It does point out the Classic American Racial Psychosis that leads many whites to desire perverse relationships with blacks. Check your history books. The perversion dates back to slavery.

    Yes, there is only one human race. Humans do not burn in the Sun.

  16. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    You should report yourself to the IC3. There is a difference between reporting and supporting. People should have to have a license to get on the internet. I think all those stains on your sleeves are emotions.

  17. khroum says:

    If you did not support pedophilia…you would not represent the people who commit it in such glowing terms…if you did not support, rape torture and death of women, you would not represent those people in such glowing terms either.
    As far as claiming white people don’t have a soul and aren’t human…well it sounds fairly similar enough to white supremacists comments from the 19th century on. Since you are so unoriginal, it points to you being of the same creed of those same ignorant white supremacists…

    I have no problem with my skin color…since I am part Native American and have just as much claim to being Cherokee as most supposed “black” people have to being of African descent in this country. One of my Cherokee ancestors as a matter of fact fought on the Union side in the civil war as a guide to a black regiment. As far as my European ancestors…they all came over in the 20th century. I don’t have any relatives from the south…and I don’t support the rampant racism on either side of the black or white divide. I am also a practicing Shaman on both sides of the equation, from my Western Cherokee, and my Norse-Dutch background, so I have less reason to support bigotry as I am not only an ethnic minority, but also a religious minority also.

    There is only one race…the human race…all variations thereoff are only different ethnic backgrounds that have adapted to the conditions that they have evolved in over almost 2 million years of the human habitation of this planet. Some burn in the sun, some do not. Skin burning is most notably among people of Northern European descent as they are adapted to colder cloudier climates. Southern Europeans(Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, Alabanians..etc..) are also considered Caucasian, yet do not develop skin cancer or even sunburn nearly as easily as thier Northern neighbors. So by ignorantly clumping all supposed “white” people together, as some ignorant people clump “black” people together totally undermines the entire validity of your argument.

    Yes I am angry when I see stupid stuff such as this(one of the few old testament verses I believe in”you shall not suffer the presence of fools gladly”), but you have crossed the line of simply being stupid to being a sick, perverted, pedophiliac who glorifies the rape and death of children. so yes you have been reported to the IC3 and Yes I do know that all legitimate providers of websites that you set up with this filth have been shut down, yes I am attempting to chase people of your demented mentality off the Internet.

  18. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Hi Khourm,
    Michael Graham Currie and his ‘crew’ did not rape Elizabeth Haddock. Based on our investigation, she didn’t have strep throat, knew her (so-called) robbers and invited them over.

    It is a trend that fits a pattern in behavior of white girls and women (and sometimes even men) happening all over the country.

    The perverts, in these cases, are the girls and women who are psychologically disfigured b/c of their perceived racial superiority.

    The soul is comprised of energy. That energy is sin eumelanin. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Beliefs are invisible. The truth is visible.

    You said:
    I don’t support the rampant racism on either side of the black or white divide.

    There’s no such thing as black racism.

    Your opinion on Underprivileged Journalism is biased. Objective opinions will see through you. Subjective racists will take your side. But, it is typical of your kind to attempt to shut down voices that expose u.

    Your condition is called Classic American Racial Psychosis. This is your bridge.


  19. khroum says:

    Have you been arrested yet for promoting pedophilia or are you just refusing to post my replies because my astounding logic totally deflates your stupidity…? I have finished posting your web blog to Obama’s website. I’m quite certain that you will not get any publicity besides Feds showing up at your doorstep to either lock you in the loony bin or prison for the rest of your natural life…Have fun blogging while someone is raping you in a 6X9 prison cell…

    “There is only one Race”
    The Human Race

  20. Zipporah Knipprath says:

    Haha your arguments and efforts are valid, khroum. This underprivileged journalism thing is totally racist and sick! I’m still not even sure that it isn’t a joke? Wouldn’t it have to be? What the fuck? Are people really still that racist and fucked in this country? Holy goddd.

  21. dave says:

    GBR you are all ghey

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