Let the Marking of the Beast Begin

24 Hour Curfew Imposed on Whitesangry_whites_defy_god_in_anti_curfew_rally_promo3.jpg

“There are no safe hours. If you suddenly develop skin cancer or melanoma, know we are watching you all hours of the day now and will not refrain from laying our eyes upon you. There are enough of us now. We are in the office spotting your necks and the back of your ears and heads when you are not watching. There are enough of us on the streets to see each of you of you now. We will not miss one of you. Let the Marking of the Beasts begin” – Jesus Nigaros, son of Lucifer Nigaros.

A youthful, rebelious and anarchic sect of black sun worshipers claimed seperation from their parent organization, today, saying they will no longer honor their parents wishes granting unrestricted hours in the National Curfew for Whites.

The Curfew, imoposed summer 2007 by Yakub 7 Ali, restricted whites to five hours a day when they could be seen by members of his radical black sun worship sect without being spotted with skin cancers or melanomas.

Throughout the 2007 calendar year, reports of skin cancers and melanomas spiked with reportedly over a 300% increase in cases.

“It is an epidemic,” a spokesman with the New Melanoma Research Study (NMRS) said. “If rates continue to rise at this pace, there won’t be a fairskinned American without Melanoma.”

Jesus, who spoke before an audience of several thousand at the group’s Atlanta compound, said, ” This is today Sermon on the Mount. I am still the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Several hundred whites claiming blacks gave them their melanomas gathered outside the compound in protest.

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