AlexLinder, Hush Crimes & Santa


2nd_chance_4_carr_promo.jpgThe concept of the White Hush Crime is no more real than the Tooth-Fairy.

Its reference surfaces in cases like the December 2000 Witchita Massacre.

The popular stories in cases like these portray the young, black men allegedly involved as violent criminals; and, they accuse the the media of not giving the crimes adequate attention.

The underreported versions of these stories, even as in the Witchita Masacre, is that the so-called victims knew their alleged attackers and had frequently purchased drugs and sex from them.

SEXY REGGIE & JOHNNIE CARRJonathan (left) and Reginald Carr, police photos

Ask yourself, since when has the media, liberal or other, hidden any story in which they can portray blacks negatively? Remember, there was no split along these so-called liberal and conservative media lines in reporting on the OJ Simpson case. At the chase, the creation of the new Hush Crime myth is: A) it is a mask made to hide the reality that white girls and women maintain perverted sexual desires with black men; and, B) the reality that this suggests they themselves (white males) are not capable of sexually satisfying their females. Read Linder’s comical explaination of the Hush Crime theory by award winning journalist Nicholas Stix.


The Street Word on Emily Haddock

Street word is Emily wasn’t innocent. She invited the young blacks she presumed were at-risk and had criminal records over because she wanted to be a racial celebrity like Channon Christian.

She wanted to be robbed, sexually assaulted and then slain by blacks.

As we are finding out, there are a lot of white girls who want impoverished, young, black men to rob, rape and kill them.

Thier lusts have progressed to wanting more than sex from us, though. They want to robed, (often kidnapped – like Channon Christian), raped and killed. It is widely reported that Channon Christian wanted the death by sexual torture scenario and staged it herself. Emily was only following in Channon’s footsteps.

“We can foresee a day when white women will no longer want sex from black men and will only want us to violently slay them.” – Kirkland Perkins

The white women death by sexual torture death from blacks is the new ‘in’ thing. It goes all the way back to their fascination with blacks from the days of slavery.

What is most disturbing, however, is that it is being reported that as more UV light comes through the Ozone Layer and burns their skin, it also burns and destroys their mental faculties making it increasing difficult for them to choose between their normal depravity and the increased levels of perversion in them we are seeing.


“Yes, Word on the street is Emily planned it like she done many times. At her middle school, we hearn that the lil hoe had everybody fooled and was posting online for thugs wit cars to come get her. Yesterday I read about some people that met-up with that lil pig last year, they was around 16 or 17 and the lil pig only 11. They met her in parking lot when she stay home from school ’sick’ one time. Lil hoe gets in back seat wit one of them to drive to they friends house. She messn wit him the whole drive wit nothing under its skirt. Soon as they get it to friends house, it doing what all whyte hoes from do best, open they holes up wide. Thugs called some other nigs too I hear and everybody got a piece of its ‘lil azz. Nasty ‘lil whyte pig” – Ghetto Bragging Rights member BlackTeen89

“They want to be robbed, raped & murdered by ghetto nigs so they can be stars. It use to be they just wanted nigs for our sexuality. These crazy whytches have stepped up their game and want nigs to rob & murder them too, now. I see them all the time, the little girls (ages 9, 10, & 11) with they mommas. They mommas schooling them on how to go outside w/o panties on, wearing hip line skirts and run out in the middle of the side walk and bend over when the see nigs coming. It’s happening all across the country. U said it well, they deserve punishment” – Ghetto Bragging Rights member EfuCracker

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9 Responses to AlexLinder, Hush Crimes & Santa

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  2. incogman says:

    You have got to be an insanely sick MOFO to even suggest such things.

    Where’s my blog link? I put yours in mine so whites will come here, in fact I hope they do.

    Tell your mad scientist, Yacob 13 X or whatever number he’s up to, that I’m going to beam Neutrino particles into his head so he’ll develop a tumor deep in his tiny, pointy head.

    Of course, that might not be noticiable in his behavior patterns, being black and all.

    My latest post full of facts, figures and links shows quite clearly your race’s sick actions. I hope you enjoy it. Let your mad scientists read it. Perhaps he will solarize me with his brain waves.

    I need the tan before the summer season!

  3. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Incog, the sky has fallen.

    I had opportunity to read your:
    What You Don’t Know WILL Make You Retch,
    and am submitting it as a must read across the underprivilegedjournalism network.

    “Another thing, brain-dead liberals and activist blacks, all try to say that whites are usually the perverts and child-molesters. What another BIG FAT LIE. Blacks have quite the handle on this, as you will soon see below. And crime figures suggest that it’s at least 1.5 to two times the rate of white perps for the charge of molestation — once again confounding all the anti-White racist propaganda!”

    Western misinformation of blacks is nothing new. Why didn’t you add Rusty Rumbly’s name in today’s post. Also, if I missed the article on Steven Kazmierczak let me know.

    Regarding the 6 blacks you’re featuring in What you don’t know …. retch, “the decline in morals in black communities is a result of: if you hang around dogs long enough…” – St. Nicolas Thief.

    I added link.


  4. incogman says:

    Please do submit my article across your pathetic network — all the incarcerated blacks, all over, have plenty of time to read.

    Maybe, they’ll get excited by it and go rape one another. Hell, they don’t need anything to read to cause that!

    Oh yeah, by the way, your disgusting words about that little girl in NC just goes to prove to people just how vile a race you people truly are. I sincerely hope more whites come here — it’ll save me the time having to write about it!

  5. underprivilegedjournalism says:

    Brothers across Fayetteville are telling the stories about Emily. The disappointment and anger stem from the reality that she wsn’t the Snow White the media projected her as. None of them are.

    There’s no such thingas a White Hush Crime. Lol!

  6. incogman says:

    Brothers across America are delusional apes who scream like chimps the moment white man puts his foot down. A day of reckoning fast approaches when such behavior will bring meaning to the phrase “you shall reap what you sow.”


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