What would Chicken George say?


The Texas debate is over: a black man and a white woman.

Social epithets applicable, for him: Negro, nigger, spook, old darky, spade and jigaboo; for her: honky, trailer park trash, bitch and, of course, blonde haired – nappy headed ho.

No kidding! have you heard what white people are thinking?

On the conservative side, John McCain who, according to the Black Hebrew Pagans, IS believed to carry the new Contagious Melanoma Strand, Melanemic, may very well be responsible for our fearless leader’s melanoma.

Concerning our fearless leader, Bush, who according to the Yakub13X sun worshipers surrounded himself with the happy blacks in Africa in hopes of increasing the chances of sending his melanoma into remission, when considering what he was able to accomplish in office for his presidency, he did successfully:

Matthew 32 “Fill up, then, the measure of the guilt of your fathers. 33 “You serpents, you brood of vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?

For, in retrospect of his presidency, GWBJr & his followers did what white people have always done: lie, cheat & steal. Of races, it is safe to say, the white race is the worst race on the planet and in our recorded history. When will their chaos cease?

Interesting quote:

The Black Hebrew Pagans mark 2012 the year of the prophesied Blond Hair, Blue Eye Holocaust will take place. Ironically, 2012 is also the date the Ancient Mayans predict the world to end.

2012 is the year when the Rapture of God will be complete and Caucasian race will be consumed by the Ultraviolet Fires of the 2nd Rapture of the Sun of God,” says Black Hebrew Pagan minister Yeshua Baal.

The earth will know peace when the white man is completely uprooted from within it,” Black Hebrew Pagan minister Elija Baal says. “Once the seperation of the Wheat and the Chaff is finished, we will indeed return to Paradise.

mel gibson“Mel Gibson got it wrong, in our recorded history, the white man, not the Jews, are responsible for all the wars that have taken place on the planet. There is no such thing as a white Jew. They are all the same thing, white”- Underground Railroad artist Criminally Insane

ANOTHER QUOTE I LIKE: the_right_way_p3.jpg the_right_way_p4.jpg

Again, when will their chaos cease? According to the Black Hebrew Pagans, we’ve got roughly 4 years and 10 months left.

“My name is Kunta,” Chicken George would say.

contributed by, Mason Williams

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