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The Whitest Kids' Darkest Sides II (Unplugged); featuring Channon Christian & 11 Year Old Emily Haddock

“Their thoughts are all alike: perverted & lusting black male sexuality. But they’ve graduated from just wanting the black male’s sexuality. This generation of white girls & woman and sometimes even boys & men want black males to rob, rape … Continue reading

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White skin, black microscopes

Have you seen white people’s skin lately? White people’s self called superior skin is deteriorating before our very eyes. While they dismiss this as a result of too much sun exposure and unrelated to spirituality, we know otherwise: there is … Continue reading

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When Thugs Fly

2008 Sexiest & Hardest Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights: White Affluence VS Black Poverty equals “Jesuses in Hell” “Paris & Lindsay need a purse or car jacking to test their morality, too.” Accused carjacker, kidnapper, rappist & murder Letalvis … Continue reading

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Ugliest White Man Alive 2008

Who’s uglier Don Imus or John McCain?According to Ghetto Bragging Rights editor Kirkland Perkins, McCain is giving 2007’s Ugliest White Man Bragging Rights #1 man, Don Imus, serious competition. “Move over Imus, 2008 presidential candidate Johnathon McCain takes lead in … Continue reading

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Hilary using racist body language

Hilary Clinton’s new battle cry is: Remember We Are White. Oh, she’s not saying it aloud, but her body language is speaking it loud and clear, says editor & critic Kirkland Perkins. “Have you seen her & heard her?” Refering … Continue reading

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