Little Boy Blue Go Shoot Your Gun


“Be not deceived. White science teaches man made toxins are the cause of the destruction to the Ozone layer that allows for the increased levels of ultraviolet light into our atmosphere and damages their (white people’s) mental faculties, skin & eyes.

Their toxins are not the cause of the openings in the Ozone layer. Fashioning His light to discriminate between people of color and white people, the Divine opened the Ozone layer to burn the latter.

The more ultraviolet light that comes through, the more their skin will burn, the more they will go blind and the more their psychotic behavior will increase.”

Little Boy Blue go shoot your gun

“Funny how white people describe the normality of their neighbors who grow up to be serial killers,” says Harlem Dyse of the Black American Anarchists.

“Sure we grow up to petty thieves, small time dope dealers, crack heads & niggas standing on the street corners grabbing ourselves, but all these things combined aren’t equivelant to what people like Kazmierczak have stirring around in them. Blacks need to stop being cowards and start judging according to skin color and not by content of character. I think we’d be happily surprised to find which race has more character.


“Hot off the presses is the Associated Press’ description of this week’s white serial killer:”

By DEANNA BELLANDI, Associated Press Writer 58 minutes ago

DEKALB, Ill. – If there is such a thing as a profile of a mass murderer, Steven Kazmierczak didn’t fit it: outstanding student, engaging, polite and industrious, with what looked like a bright future in the criminal justice field.

Evaluating a psychological profile of a serial killer

the_difference_between_blacks_whites21.jpgA more specific profile of a serial killer has been presented by Apsche (1993) stating that most are white males in their twenties or thirties, who target strangers near their homes or places of work. “According to criminologist Eric Hickey, who has assembled the most extensive database on demography of serial murder states that, 88% of serial killers are male, 85% are Caucasian, and the average age when they claim their first victim is usually around 28.5.

6 DEAD ON CAMPUS… Gunman Planned Shooting… Was a ‘bright student’… Had ‘Become Erratic’ Off Meds… “Excuses, excuses. This is atypical behavior of the white male,” Jacobi Ali

Another White Serial Killer


While they attribute their skin cancers and melanomas to too much sun exposure and unrelated to spirituality, we know otherwise: there is no such thing as too much sun exposure; and, Divinity no longer accepts them as a part of nature.

“They can not see the kind of monsters they are. But God’s poetic justice is shown in that the incidence of and mortality from melanoma have been increasing over the last 50 years in all developed countries with large Caucasian populations.

“Fifty years ago coincides and foreshadows some of the most turbulent times of the Civil Rights era. God’s eternal condemnation fell upon them during this era; and He opened the Ozone layer to begin burning them in his 2nd rapture which is prophesied as the Lakes of Fires. Ultraviolet light is the fire of the 2nd rapture of God.

“Where is skin cancer most likely to occur on them? Most skin cancers occur on parts of the body that are repeatedly exposed to the sun. These areas include the head, neck, face, tips of the ears, hands, forearms, shoulders, back, chests of men, and the back and lower legs of women. Most of all it affects their mental faculties and futher deteriorates their already corrupt sense of justice.
“We have only seen the tip of the iceburg of white people’s psychotic and amoral behavior.
“But we can acknowledge entry into the New Era now where blacks are learning how to use their distinctive eumelanin, found abundantly in our skin, hair, eyes and pineal glands, to protect themselves and heal others.”


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