The Great White Sleep

And God sent a mist out all throughout the land. By it, all the white people in the land fell asleep. They slept for seven full days and, when they awoke, knew not of their slumber.Now, upon the emergence of this great event, God also told His servant Saint Liar to assemble all His spouses together and instruct them that they should rid themselves of their Bibles.

“With our Wedding and my return, the book has expired. With your new names, you are now written of in the Book of Life.”

Hence, the seal from the Book of Life was removed.

Now blacks and people of color throughout the land did hear the word of God spoken by His Saint Liar and removed their Bibles from their homes. Many placed them into their trash cans. Others placed their Bibles on their curbs. Some threw them into the streets.

But, too, there were also some blacks who feared departing with their Bibles. Underneath their mattresses and in other hiding spots where they thought God could see not, they hid them.

But God did see them.


Now it was after the Wedding of God to His people that the white people all across the land were awakened; and, they knew not blacks had thrown their Bibles away.

Now, while the whites slept, the wedding of God to His people was complete. To the woman, God became the groom. To the man, God became the bride. “For I am neither and both,” God spoke.

And from that great & secret place, which is the Chamber of the Almighty, God entered that great temple (which is the mind of His chosen); and all therein did abide under His Wing. Again darkness fell upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved upon the waters. Yea upon every bed of water, both large and small – even upon every great ocean, the face of God again shone.

And great confusion beset the land. For they who could behold His face said it was the face of themselves, or their cousins, or parents, children, brothers or sisters. Buddy Johnston in Jackson, Mississippi saw His reflection in the water streaming from the fire hydrant. His eyes sparkled. “How Wesley Snipes got his face showing in the water?” Down the street it flowed. All the way home he trailed it. “Boy, what took you so long,” hearing the screen door draw,” his momma called. “The food done got cold To Buddy, His face looked like actor Wesly Snipe. I seen Wesly Snipes face out there in the puddle of water at the corner!” Thirteen year old Kisha Washington, of St. Louis, Missouri, thought she’d seen the face of her daddy. His face appeared to her while washing dishes. From drying the plates, she paused and moved to stare deep within the waters. “Momma, momma,” she stuttered. Old man Bubba Leroy Green of Beaumont, Texas knew whose face it was he beheld. He called his son’s attentions. A fish nibbling on Bubba Jr.’s line, “I got one on the line, daddy,” he replied. “Look at the water’s surface, son. He always said He would be coming back.” Now, in all the places in the land where rain fell, great calm fell upon those outdoors. The cluster of unruly gangsters thugging near a bus stop in Chicago, Illinois fell silent. Mother Jones, of 135th street in Harlem, NY, could see His very face in the rain drops as they fell. She pulled her umbrella too so the rain could fall upon her. And all across the land His people spoke of the strange day they saw the face in the waters. Many, however, said they beheld no face. Some even seeing His face said they beheld nothing.

God spoke to Saint Liar telling him to go forth and announce to His brides and grooms that they were no longer to work for another. And Saint Liar spoke saying, “My God, the people have bills to pay and will not trust in thee to provide for them. And God answered and said tell my husbands and wives they may no longer work for another. Now Saint Liar went forth and spoke to the husbands and wives of God telling them their new instruction. Yet, the next morning many returned to their owners’ jobs. And God grew angry because the husbands and wives continued in labor for another.

“Tell them they are now married to the maker of the heavens and the earth,” to His Saint Liar, God spoke.

Being passed Revelations, the day for saying prayers had expired. White people knew it not. In their churches and homes many prayed daily. All of their prayers fell back to the earth. To their own bosoms and into the dirt their prayers collapsed. The great and many white people of the land neither knew this.

Now the Wedding of God to His people was a great event. King Soloman shook Danny Glover’s hand. They stared at each other and hurried up the ailse. Isis and Oprah readied to attend. Whoopie Goldberg met them in route. Kanye West spoke and said, “I will never return to MTV again. When he received his invitation he purchased buses and gathered all the children and all the adults and headed for After the ceremony. And all the black people headed for the temple wherein the Lord announced the Wedding to be. And Oprah, Bill Cosby, Colin Powell gathered all the buses of the land together and prepared them for The Wedding. So the children boarded the buses from all the land.

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