McConaughey went black & …


“I don’t like skin that feels dry and abrasive,” sources close to McConaughey’s circle say he’s confided to his closest friends. “That’s why I like black and dark skinned women. Their skin is soft and alive like a flower’s petal.”

 Brothers Break Silence on White Male Enhancement
The Black Penis, The White Penis: Do Brothers Need Male Enhancement Too?

“There are millions of pretty white girls and women out their who get turned down by super hunks like Matthew McConaughey because of the way their skin feels,” says Glax Haas beauty consultant Vanity Black.

Is It Possible For White Men to have Black Erections & Have Real Black Sex?

“While the beauty industry doesn’t have any alternatives, the solution many are turning to is recluse media vampire Jeuger Niglery’s Just Like Eumelanin Beauty & Skin products. (Read Niglery’s: It’s not the size, it’s the color)

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“Niglery, who invested millions of dollars of his own money into designing a line of products that safely darken and soften fairskinned girls’ and women’s skin and protect them from the sun’s harmful rays, launched his product line last year.

What can pretty white girls & women do about pale skin?


“While enjoying extreme success from its sales, its cost have kept it out of the hands of average citizens and enjoyed only by celebrities.

McConaughey Went Black &


McConaughey who’s dated a spate of black women celebrities including superstar Janet Jackson, is currently tied to Brazilian super model Camila Alves.

Sources say McConaughey wanted a black woman but, after Janet, felt that American black women came with too much garbage. So he left the country.

While he initially wanted, what sources say he considers, a real black womanlike Africa Nigerian super model Oluchi Onweagba, he figured his fan base would suffer too much if he picked one whose skin was too dark. So, choosing a lighter skin black with long hair, he went for the South American look.

“He really lucked up with Camila Alves. There’s that old saying: once you go black you’ll never come back. McConaughey’s living proof that’s true.”

McConaughey, who’s teaming up with actress Kate Hudson in Fool’s Gold, a romantic action-adventure movie in which they play a couple whose marriage is on the rocks. In something of a stretch, McConaughey’s a lovable cad — a treasure hunter looking for one big score — and Hudson is his long-suffering wife, who’s over his juvenile ways … until McConaughey’s character finds a clue that may lead to some serious booty.

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  3. Tumi says:

    Kisses for Matthew!!

  4. Slaughter Lightfoot says:

    The crimes of whites are more likely to be psychotic. The crimes of blacks are more likely to be out of necessity.

    Additionally, we support the National Black Foot Soldier and GBR’s position that recognized BOW crimes as legitimate Social / Reparations Protests.


    • ShatteredDreams says:

      Nigger rape and child molestation is essential for a nigger to function, yep, I know it.
      Crimes out of necessity? You aren’t starving, our government gives you all the handouts you could ask for.

      • ShatteredDreams says:

        if you are a nigger, your greatest fear better be other niggers because they kill more of their own kind than anyone else.

        Is killing your own necessity??

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